Affiliations: SHEILD
First Appearance:
First mentioned in "Some Assembly Required"
First appearance in "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"

The "42" super-prison is staffed by SHIELD.  It has minimal sensors, especially facing outward. Existing in the Negative Zone, it has a single point of entry to the normal universe.

More Information: Marvel Wiki: Prison 42
History:  The "42" super-prison was designed by Tony Stark and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four after the destruction of the Vault, the Raft, the Cube, and the Big House super-prisons.  "42" is a prison space-station built entirely within the Negative Zone, with only a single, well-guarded portal to the normal universe.  "42" was the incarcerative home to super-villains, and captured aliens such as the Kree and the Skrulls.

The prison was attacked by Annihilus and his insect swarms, but driven off by the Avengers ("Assault on 42").  Rather than repair the facility, the prisoners were moved to the Hydro-Base facility.  It is unknown if the portal to the Negative Zone was disabled, or if the remaining shell of the "42" prison was destroyed.


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