Real Name: Annihilus
Affiliation: Inhabitant of the Negative Zone
First Appearance:
"Assault on 42"

Powers/Abilities:  Annihilus can fly, and appears to have super-strength and durability.  Using his Cosmic Control Rod, he can mentally dominate and control swarms of insectoid creatures in the Negative Zone, and surround himself with an energy shield.

More Information: Marvel Wiki: Annihilus
History:  Not much is known about the creature called Annihulus.  He is first encountered when he and his insectoid swarm attempt to destroy the "42" super-prison ("Assault on 42"), using his insectoid creatures to wreck the physical structure.  Annihilus seems to want only to destroy, to "annhiliate", hence his name, given to him by the Leader, whose enhanced mind was sensitive to Annihilus' control of his insectoid swarm.  The Avengers managed to distrupt his control by separating him from his Cosmic Control Rod, and his insect swarm turned on Annihulus, perhaps destroying him.


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