Ant Man (retired)

Real Name: Hank Pym

Scientist Hank Pym is one of the smartest men on the planet, specializing in biochemistry. He is a man of science, and never intended to become a Super Hero, but adventure tends to find him. Outfitted with his cybernetic helmet, the microbiologist Hank Pym can communicate with inselcts and shrink himself to microscopic scale as Ant-Man

When he shrinks, Ant-man retains the strength of a full-sized man.  His strength increases proportionately when he grows; at his full 20-foot height he possesses super strength and durability.

His astonishing "Pym Particles" allowed microbiologist Hank Pym to explore the world in ways he never imagined.  He has also imbued the Wasp with the same ability to shrink, adding a pair of subcutaneous wings that appear when she reduces in size.  He also probably is behind her ability to fire bio-electric blasts, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Hank Pym is a pacifist and believes in the rehabilitation of criminals, a philosophy which lead him to resign from the Avengers at the end of Season One, his participation in the liberation of Asgard from Loki notwithstanding.  He has since given his equipment and his permission to Scott Lang to continue as the new Ant-Man (Ant-Man II).

Some time afterwards, Hank Pym summons Iron Man to his laboratory to show him his new micro-prison prototype for incarcerating super-criminals.  Rejected by Iron Man once more, Pym fakes his own death and assumes the identity of Yellowjacket.  As Yellowjacket, he can fly, fire the same type of bio-energy blasts as the Wasp, controls clouds of flying yellowjacket insects, and has a pistol that shrinks and teleports criminals into his microprison for incarceration. Pym shows evidence of personality disassociation, referring to Hank Pym in the third person, as a seperate personality from Yellowjacket.