Ant-Man II

Real Name: Scott Lang

Scott Lang was a brilliant electrical engineer.  When his daughter Cassie came down with an expensive medical condition, Lang turned to robberies for Crossfire to finance her treatment, but was caught and sent to prison.  When Lang had served his time, the only job he could find with his criminal record was as the maintenance man for Greyburn College.  Unfortunately for him, Crossfire believed that Lang had stashed the money Lang had stolen from his last heist, and kidnapped Lang's daughter Cassie, holding her for ransom.

Desperate, Lang stole the Ant-Man suit and equipment from Hank Pym's laboratory at Greyburn College, and began stealing from banks to raise the ransom money.  With the help of Luke Cage, Hank Pym, and Iron Fist, Lang rescued his daughter from Crossfire.  At the end of the incident, Pym gave Lang the stolen equipment, naming him the new Ant-Man.