Asgard and the Norse Gods


Asgard is the name given to the dimension in time/space in which the Norse gods of old live.  There are nine Realms within Asgard, including Asgard proper:

Realm Description
Alfheim The realm of the Light Elves - the Lios Alfar.

Asgard The realm  of the Asgardians.  Asgard is the name of the planet, the realm, and the capital city.  Valhalla is located here, and the home of the blessed dead who have been taken by the Valkyrie, and now serve Odin.

Nifflehein The realm of the dead, who are neither damned nor blessed.  It is ruled by Hela, Loki's daughter.  

Jotunheim The realm of frost, rime, and ice, and home to the Frost Giants and their cheiftain, Ymir.  

Midgard Tecnically in a different dimension, Midgard is our own world/dimension.  The Asgardians consider it part of the Nine Realms because of the intertwined history and dimensional portals.

Musphelheim This place is a blazing wasteland, and home of the Fire Giants. Ruled by Surtur

Nidavellir This underground realm is the home of the dwarves.  Possibly also the home of the race of Trolls.

Svartalfheim The realm of the Dark Elves (svart alfar).

Vanaheim The realm of the Vanir, who are a sister race of the Asgardians.

Asgard is the home to the Norse gods, including the Avenger, Thor. Asgard is ruled by Odin the All-Father. Once a year, Odin enters the "Odin Sleep" to recuperate his powers, at which time Asgard is ruled by Balder the Brave as regent. All Asgardians have a measure of super strength and enhanced durability.

The city of Asgard is connected to "Midgard" (Earth) by Bifrost, the fabled Rainbow Bridge. Bifrost is guarded by Heimdall.

During World War II, Hydra also discovered how to leverage a mystical cave with a dimensional portal to the Norse realms, bringing sprites, trolls, wolves, and a Frost Giant through to serve them. There are seven other locations, called Ley Points by the Black Panther, where the walls between the dimensions are thin, and where it might be possible to construct a doorway to the other realm.

Among the inhabitants of Asgard are Odin the All-Father, Fandral the Blade, Hogun the Grim, Volstagg the Enormous, and the Lady Sif.