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Avengers: United They Stand

The best that can be said about this show is that while painful, it didn't last long; just thirteen episodes.  Had it survived to a second season, the scripts indicate that would have included guest appearances by Thor and his foster-brother Loki, as well as the 1990's X-Men: The Animated Series.

 Marvel has put the whole run online at


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Ep. 1 Hank Pym Avengers Assemble Part I

With the world at peril, only one team can unite and defeat Earth's greatest threats! Led by the brilliant Hank Pym, the Avengers fight to rid the world of a powerful new adversary as he creates an unimaginable weapon to destroy all of humanity: Vision, the living machine. 
Ep. 2 Wonder Man Avengers Assemble, Part II

After battling Vision, Wonder Man is gravely injured and put on life support. Despite the loss of a team member, The Avengers must assemble to defend humanity from the threat of Ultron. Luckily, the team has found a new ally and member: the Falcon!
Ep. 3 Falcon Kang

Dr. Chris Johnson and Falcon's nephew Andrew accidentally release Kang the Conqueror while visiting a museum. Awakened from years of imprisonment, Kang begins to wreak havoc in search of a special crystal obelisk that would allow him to go back into the future and oppress millions of people. That is, if the Avengers don't defeat him first!
Ep. 4 Comes A Swordsman 

The Ringmaster and his band of thieves rob a biological weapons lab. As the Avengers pursue the culprits, Hawkeye must face his past and his old mentor, the Swordsman.
Ep. 5 Remnants

Strange remnants of Ultron's previous experiments create terror on an island where France's main nuclear testing facility exists. The Avengers race to control or destroy these machines before they start a nuclear war. Only they haven't planned on Ultron paying a visit as well.
Ep. 6 CA Command Decision

The Avengers must stop the Masters of Evil, who are trying to steal a shipment of highly dangerous government weapons. To make matters more difficult, Captain America comes on the scene leaving Ant-Man to work out his leadership issues while still focusing on the job at hand.
Ep. 7 Falcon To Rule Atlantis

Mysterious earthquakes are plaguing the city and the Avengers suspect that prince Namor of Atlantis is behind the disturbance. But when they dive deep into the ocean to investigate, they discover that Attuma is using the Dynamo machine to create earthquakes in his plot to conquer Atlantis!
Ep. 8 Wonder Man Shooting Stars

Zodiac, a group of super-powered villains, begin a plan to create chaos in the world by blasting satellites out of their orbits. Not willing to underestimate the power of Zodiac, the Avengers call upon the help of Iron Man and rocket into space to stop the blackmail of Earth's cities.
Ep. 9 What A Vision Has To Do

Vision volunteers himself to be taken by Ultron in order for the Avengers to track him to his headquarters. But when the Avengers arrive thinking they've finally cornered their greatest foe, Ultron has a villainous surprise waiting for them.
Ep. 10 Hank Pym Egg-Streme Vengence

Egghead initiates a plot to destroy his archrival Ant-Man by making his "Pym particles" go crazy. The Avengers must prevent Ant-Man from shrinking to subatomic oblivion.
Ep. 11 The Sorceress' Apprentice

Scarlet Witch and Vision visit Agatha Harkness to see what she can do for Wonder Man when they are kidnapped by the Salem's Seven. With the rest of the Avengers fighting the Grim Reaper, Scarlett Witch and Vision are left to fight a mystical battle on their own!
Ep. 12 Earth and Fire, Part I

Something is dangerously affecting the magnetic fields of the Earth. Wasp realizes that her father's old business partner, Cornelius Van Lundt, is behind the disruptions. Along with the Avengers, Wasp must face her past in order to save the Earth.
Ep. 13 Earth and Fire, Part II

The Earth's magnetic fields are being disrupted by the Zodiac gang, whose primary objective is to obtain an ancient meteorite buried beneath an island on Earth. With the Earth's survival at stake, the Avengers have a final showdown with the Zodiac gang!