Avengers Mansion


The Avengers Mansion was formerly a museum for the Maria Stark Foundation, but was rennovated after the events of "Breakout" to serve as the base for the Avengers. The house is run by JARVIS, Tony Stark's AI

The Avengers Mansion contains twelve bedrooms, maid and laundry service, huge kitchen, theatre/lounge, and a large pool (on the rooftop). A concealed (in the fireplace!) elevator leads down to the sub-levels, which include various science labs, Iron Man's armory, the quinjet hangar, the training facilities, and the Assembly Hall.

The training facilities have ten settings, each harder than the one before, and self-repairing.

The Assembly Room has a huge table and a holographic display


The Foyer

The Foyer


The Kitchen





The Lounge


Sub-Level Labs


Quinjet Hanger


The Training Hall


The Assembly Hall