Black Panther

Black PantherReal Name: T'Challa

The Black Panther is the King of the African kingdom of Wakanda, and the inheritor of the mantle of the Black Panther.

Secretive and distrustful (like all Wakandans) of the outside world, the Black Panther first sought out the Avengers after the death of his father and usurpation of his kingdom at the hands of the Man-ape.  Asking the Avengers for assistance, the Black Panther defeated the Man-Ape in single combat, and reclaimed his throne.

T'Challa is a brilliant scientist and clever tactician.  The Wakanda Council of Elders manages his kingdom during his absence as a member of the Avengers. 

Thanks to the legacy of the sacred heart-shaped herbs, the Black Panther has enhanced senses, strength, and speed, and is a highly-trained warrior.  His uniform is laced with vibranium, which absorbs energies and kinetic impact, giving him heightened durability as well.  The vibranium claws of his costume allow him to scale walls like his namesake.  The Black Panther is armed with a variety of vibranium weapons - throwing daggers, cutting blades, and a collapsable staff.