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Breakout Watch!

As far as I can tell, these are the confirmed inmates and their current status.  If they were seen in one of the super-prisons, I assume they are still escaped until it is confirmed in the episodes that they have been re-captured.  If they were defeated during the Breakout, I am making the assumption that they still escaped in all the confusion (probably not accurate in every instance).

I am listing Hawkeye as he was technically incarcerated at the time.

Villain Name Imprisoned At Status
Abomination The Cube Recaptured "Acts of Vengeance"
Absorbing Man The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Arnim Zola The Ant Farm Recaptured "Acts of Vengeance"
Baron Von Strucker The Vault Recaptured "Hail Hydra"
Baron Zemo The Raft Recaptured "Acts of Vengeance"
Batroc the Leaper Unknown Recaptured*
Bi-Beast The Cube At Large
Blizzard The Vault Recaptured
Bulldozer The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Chemistro The Raft Recaptured "Acts of Vengeance"
Cobra The Raft Recaptured
Constrictor The Ant Farm At Large
Crimson Dynamo The Vault Recaptured "Acts of Vengeance"
Graviton The Raft Recaptured
Grey Gargoyle The Ant Farm Presumed Dead**
Griffon The Raft Recaptured
Grim Reaper The Vault Recaptured "Widow's Sting"
Hawkeye The Vault Acquitted
Ironclad The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Leader The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Living Laser The Vault Recaptured "Acts of Vengeance"
Machette Unknown Recaptured*
Mad Thinker The Ant Farm Recaptured*
Madman The Cube At Large
Mandrill Unknown Recaptured "Some Assembly Required"
M.O.D.O.C. The Cube Recaptured "Hail Hydra"
Piledriver The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
The Purple Man The Raft Recaptured
Radioactive Man The Cube Recaptured "Ultron 5"
Red Ghost The Raft Recaptured "Ultron 5"
Technovore The Cube Recaptured "Alone Against A.I.M."
Thunderball The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Vapor The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Vector The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Wendigo The Raft Recaptured*
Whiplash The Vault Recaptured*
Whirlwind The Cube Recaptured
Wrecker The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
X-Ray The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"
Zaran Unknown Recaptured*
Zzzax The Cube Recaptured "Gammaworld"

* Recaptured in the "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" LS comic series.

** In the episode "This Hostage Earth", it appears that the Enchantress and the Executioner betrayed the Grey Gargoyle after using him to turn Karnilla to stone, although its not clear if he's dead or stranded in the Norn Queen's citadel.