Captain America

Captain AmericaReal Name: Steve Rogers

During World War II, the scrawny Steve Rogers volunteered for the military, and was rejected as physically unfit for service.  He was offered, and accepted, a chance to be a test subject in a secret scientific procedure dubbed OPERATION: REBIRTH.  This top-secret program was designed to boost the test subject to near-superhuman health and abilities using the Super-Soldier Formula.  OPERATION REBIRTH was successful, and Captain America was born; unfortunately, a Nazi assassin killed Doctor Emile Erskine, the creator of the process, whch was lost with his death. 

Captain America, with his partner, Bucky Barnes, and aided by other brave soldiers like Sergeant Fury and his Howling Commandos, would take the fight to the Nazis and their elite organization, Hydra, run by the perfidious Baron Zemo, the Red Skull, and Lieutenant Wolfgang Von Strucker.

It was in trying to prevent the escape of the Red Skull that Captain America found himself falling from the booby-trapped escape craft of the Red Skull.  He plunged into the icy waters, and was frozen - perfectly preserved due to the Super-Soldier Formula of Dr. Erskine's - until the Avengers, while searxching for the Hulk, discovered his body and shield encased in ice.

Cap on Ice

The Avengers thawed out and revived Captain America, a man decades out of his own time, struggling to fit into the modern world.  A master tactician, an expert hand-to-hand combatant, he and his indestructiblel shield (made of a unique Vibranium alloy) are the heart and fighting spirit of the Avengers!

Captain America's indestructable shield was shattered by Loki while channeling the Odin Force.

After returning to Earth after the Avengers liberated the Asgardian Nine Realsm from Loki's conquest, Captain America was rendered unconscious by a Skrull agent, who then took his place.