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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #1

"Assembly Line"
Written by Christopher Yost
Pencils by Adam DeKraker
Inks by Terry Pallot
Colors by Sotocolor

And the comic series - Season 2.5? - is off and running, and off to a mixed start.

First, the good - the AEMH comic has been confirmed in continuity by the writer, Christopher Yost, so we are likely to see a bunch of stuff we might not otherwise had a chance to see - for example, the antagonists in the first story.

The artwork has improved significantly (at least, in my highly subjective opinion) from the Limited Series, and has a much more finished look to it - less like sketches and more like finished product. The writing is very good for the limitations of being only ten pages; Steve Gerber once told me that it was much more difficult to write a good, tight story in ten pages than over the course of six issues, and Yost does an excellent job in giving us ten pages of a complete action story.

The second feature... well, its one of those necessary evils. The creative team does a masterful job of compacting 26 episodes into ten pages, complete with framing story narrative, but c'mon... we've all watched those episodes, and in some cases (like me) obsessively so. Still, it was nice seeing a different artistic perspective on the episodes.