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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #2 - The Ongoing Comic Series

AEMH Cover #2 "World's Smartest Heroes"

Written by Christopher Yost
Pencils by Khoi Pham
Inks by Terry Pallot
Colors by Sotocolor

"When the Grey Gargoyle Strikes!

Written by Christopher Yost
Pencils by Ramon Bachs
Inks by Raul Fonts
Colors by Sotocolor


One of the downsides to not having a regular artistic crew is that the quality of the stories has a tendency to vary from story to story and issue to issue.  The first story is illustrated by Khoi Pham and Terry Pallot, and my only objection here is hardly something for which either one is responsible.  The animation style of AEMH is simple than I'm used to in comics, and as a result, the figures seem almost incomplete. 

This is the first time I've seen the work of Ramon Bachs, and while he does an OK job of illustration, his depiction of Captain America needed more research; CA appears in his pre-Skrull uniform, and presumably with his energy shield (given the solid, but kind of glow-y sheen).  No wrist projector.  Clearly the story is after their first visit to Asgard, and Thor has not returned to Earth, so placing the story in time becomes problematic, as Captain America has not yet been restored.

Christopher Yost's story is, in both cases, simple in set up and basic in solution, and both of the solutions don't quite work for me.  In the first story de-powering the overloading robots by turning off Stark's Arc Reactor is cute, but they don't have any other power source? In the second story they use Iron Man's gauntlets to contain the stone touch of the Grey Gargoyle; wouldn't they just turn the gauntlets to stone, and be easy to smash off?.  Still, Yost's stories are more a reflection of the size constraints, and putting two stories in each issue - writing cohesive, tight shorts is in many ways much more difficult, as the writer barely has any room to set things up and get them wrapped up tight in a very small space.