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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #7

In the first story, we ge a treat in that we find out what happened to those bags of cash that Ant-Man II shrunk - they landed on thugs of the Psycho-Man in the Microverse!  Chris Yost introduces the Micronauts, renamed for legal reasons to the Microns, to the AEMH Universe.  Wasp, Iron Man and Captain America shrink down to defeat the Psycho-Man's minions, who have discovered a way to invade the macro-verse!

They don't last long, but we get to see those fan-favorites!

The second story is the Unicorn versus Iron Man, when Tony Stark makes an internal mess of his armor as sneezes his way through the battle.  We get a romantic sub-plot between Stark International employees that is cute as well, but mostly this story will be memorable for introducing the Unicorn officially into the AEMH universe.