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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #8

OK, first of all, this isn't Khoi Pham's first rodeo - he should know better than to give the Black Panther white gloves, on the cover (although it might have been the colorist's error - but since only Khoi is credited...).

"Brain Games"
Written by Karl Kesel
Pencils by Ramon Bachs
Inks by Raul Fonts
Colors by Sotocolor
Lettering by VC's Clayton Cowles
Editing by Tom Brennan

The first story is penned by Karl Kesel, with the art chores done by Ramon Bachs (pencils) and Raul Fonts on the inks. The style seemed a little more cartoony than I am used to from the crew. MODOC - and editorial got the acronym wrong, its Mental Organism Designed Onkly for Conquest, not Control. That said, the gimmick was good enough, with a Disney-esque mind-switch between Hawkeye and Iron Man. It was amusing enough, mostly because of the egotistical banter between the two.

"Mayhem of the Madbomb"
Written by Elliot Kalan
Pencils by Christopher Jones
Inks by Pond Scum
Colors by Sotocolor
Lettering by VC's Clayton Cowles
Editing by Tom Brennan

The second story was the Black Panther (without white gloves) and the Hulk trying to be subtle as they chew through Hydra thugs on their way to the top of the Empire State building, with the Hulk unable to fully cut loose because the building is a historical monument. The madbomb is a device that emenate brain-altering waves that sends its victims into a violent psychotic rage. Once more, the banter is entertaining, even if the Hydra thugs never really rise to the level of an actual threat; they're there to give the Black Panther and Hulk excuses to quip their way to the top.

Originally, the Madbomb was a weapon developed by the wealthy traitor William Tory in Jack Kirby's Captain America run, and I'm not sure why it was made a toy of Hydra's - generic thugs are pretty much the same, uniform notwithstanding. Making them Hydra does simplify matters, I suppose.

Once more, the Fury Files featured Iron Fist, and were material we'd already seen. The one-pager of the "Mini-Hulks" strip was contrived and dull, but what's new; it was a one-note joke that has gone on way too long. All in all, four pages that would have been much better served as part of either story for more elaboration, or split between them.

New characters mentioned (and thereby included in the MU):

Part One - The Melter
Part Two - Madbomb
- Madame Masque (In passing)
- Circus of Crime (in passing)
- Taskmaster (in passing)
- Count Nefaria (I think he was already mentioned by the Grim Reaper, but just in case)