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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #9

Written By: Louise Simonson and Jen Van Meter
Art By: Chris Jones and Luciano Vecchio
Cover Art By: Khoi Pham

I gave this issue three stars out of five, which shouldn't be taken as an insult. As usual, the issue contained two stories, both of which were perfectly serviceable tales.

The first story focuses on Thor and Ms. Marvel, who are getting ready to arm-wrestle. Ms. Marvel has the swagger and boastfulness one would expect from an ex-fighter pilot, and right in-line with the portrayal of her character. Being able to win at arm-wrestling with Thor, though? Its like her being able to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk... historically, she hasn't been THAT strong. Of course, she's just based on the Marvel comics character - none of them are precise clones and it does them no harm.

The threat - a new villain, kinda - isn't really much of a threat, but serves to give Ms. Marvel something to fight, and an exposition of her powers, so it was entertaining if not precisely exciting.

So... on to the next story, Black Widow and Wasp VS. a Doom plot. Robots, explosions, etc. Fun, but like the previous story, not really exciting.  You will note the lack of detail in my description; that's how non-interesting it was, the threat to Iceland notwithstanding.