The Cosmic Cube

Currently under construction by MODOC and A.I.M., under commission from Baron Von Strucker.

Originally, AIM accepted the job as a means of revenue, without actually believing that they could actually create a working model; when the Supreme Scientist informed MODOC that tyhe Cosmic Cube might actually work, MODOC contacted Baron Von Strucker and cancelled the contract, refunding Hydra the money they had already paid.

Baron Von Strucker is highly "put out" over this, suspecting MODOC's true reason, and eventually launches an all-out attack on A.I.M. to seize the Cosmic Cube.  After a long battle between A.I.M., Hydra, the Avengers, and SHIELD, Captain America and Baron Von Strucker touch the fully-charged Cosmic Cube at the same time, with the energy exploding outwards, but to no apparent effect.

At least some of the energy travelled back along the timestream to prevent Bucky from being killed when the Red Skull's boobytrapped escape rocket exploded, with Bucky alive when he falls into the waters below.  What other effect or effects it might have had is currently unknown.