The Enchantress

The EnchantressThe Enchantress is an Asgardian witch of the Vanir. Unlike many of the Asgardian characters, Amora has no equivalent in Norse myth. Her magics aptitude is innate, and allows her to do a lot of stuff (including projecting magical power bolts, interdimensional teleportation , protective energy shields, illusions, levitation, conjuring, transmutation, telekinesis, time-disruption, mind switching, and mind control). Her mind-control of males, using her magics to enhance her extraordinary beauty to manipulate those attracted to her, earned her the title "The Enchantress".

She has often worked in conjunction with the Executioner.  In the service of Loki, Amora sought out Baron Zemo, and was one of the founding members of the Masters of Evil.

When Amora sought revenge against Baron Zemo for his betrayal of her, Zemo used the Norn Stone attuned to Musphelheim to defend himself.  When the Rune Stone was destroyed, Amora found herself in Musphelheim.  She was captured and possessed by the Lord of the Fire Demons, Surtur, and remade into his minion.  Underneath his control, she retains her own spirit, which longs for release.