The Grey Gargoyle

Grey GargoyleReal Name: Paul Pierre Duval

During an lab experiment, Duval spilled an experimental compound, which gave him the ability to transform anything he touches with his right hand to stone until he reverses the process.  He can turn himself to living stone, which gives him enhanced strength and durability. 

As a member of Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil, he was part of the Enchantress' team that led an attack on Karnilla  the Norn Queen, which left her turned to stone.  Once the Enchantress had no further use for the Grey Gargoyle, she had the Executioner shatter his stone form to bits.

Whether it the magic of an Asgardian realm or a hitherto-unknown side-effect of his stone form, eventually his pieces re-assembled, and the Grey Gargoyle discovered that his powers worked differently on trolls and storm giants, making them creatures of living stone like himself.   With the Norn Queen still in stone form, the Grey Gargoyle took the throne and took his new minions into service, placing stone form on the Norn people.  He was defeated by Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.