hawkeyeReal Name: Clint Barton

Clint Barton was raised in a carnival, where he learned his marksmanship, and myriad other shady skills, like lockpicking. 

SHIELD trained him to be an expert sharpshooter, but Hawkeye prefers to show off his keen marksmanship skills with a simple bow. Armed with an array of high-tech arrows, Hawkeye was teamed with the Black Widow as part of the SHIELD special agent program until the Black Widow framed Hawkeye as a traitor to cover her own activities.   While Hawkeye was on the run from SHIELD,  he proved his worth during the Leader's attempt to remake the world as a gamma radiation wasteland.  Hawkeye successfully cleared his name with SHIELD, but rather than rejoin the organization, chose to remain with the Avengers.


Hawkeye's Quiver

Hawkeye's quiver contains (but is by no means limited to) several arrows with specialized warheads:

Electricity Arrow

Explosive Arrow

Flare Arrow

Freeze Arrow

Net Arrow

Wireline Arrow

Hawkeye at the ready!