Iron Man 

Iron ManReal Name: Tony Stark

Billionaire genius inventor and heir to the Stark Industries munitions fortune, Tony Stark become Iron Man when kidnapped by enemy combatants, and forced at gunpoint to make a suit of battle armor.  Escaping from them in his new armor, Stark has since become Iron Man in order to partially make up for the deaths caused by his former weapons development.

 Iron Man founded the Avengers and modified the Maria Stark Mansion to function as the Avengers' base of operations as the Avengers Mansion, providing them with the Avengers IDenticards as well as the Avengers' special aircrafts, the Quinjets.

* His inventions and business have made him a billionaire. Many of his inventions have been licensed to SHIELD.
* Stark has created multiple suits of high-tech armor, with different special capabilities for different kinds of missions.

* Tony has integrated J.A.R.V.I.S.' artificial intelligence into his armor as well as the Avengers' mansion systems, Quinjets and ID cards

Iron Man's Armor Versions

Some of the below is speculative, and based on notes about Iron Man's armor versions in the MU616. 

Microhero Armors:

Version Notes

Mark I Armor

The first version of the Iron Man armor, developed when Stark was held hostage by enemy combatants and forced to make a suit of battle armor (details vary as per which origin story one wants to use).

First Seen:  Season One "Ultron-5"

Mark II Armor

Speculative; in the MU616 Tony Stark wanted to "humanize" his Mark I armor so as to not frighten civilians.  The Mark II armor is colored gold.

First Seen:  Not Yet Seen.  Speculation based on the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Mark III Armor

Speculative; in the MU616, this was similar in every respect to the armor depicted, with the exception of the color scheme.  In the MU616, this armor was gold and red.

First Seen: Season One "The Ultron Imperative"

Mark IV Armor

(No image available)

The MU616 has no data listed for the Mark IV armor.

Mark V Armor

Speculative; this is the classic "1970s" armor, which is referred to in the MU616 as the Mark V armor; given that AEMH tries to remain consistent with the MU616 as much as possible, assigning this as the Mark V designation is the speculative part.

First Seen: Season One "The Ultron Imperative"

Mark VI Armor

This is the "starter" armor for Season One.

First Seen: Season One "Iron Man is Born"

Mark VII Armor

Iron Man

Identical cosmentically to the Mark VI armor. 

First Seen: Season One "Breakout, Part II"
Mark IX Armor

Mark 9 Armor
Armor Upgrade for Season Two

First Seen:  Season Two "Alone Against A.I.M." 

Stealth Armor

First Seen: Season One "The Ultron Imperative"

Silver Centurion Armor

Speculative; it is unclear if this is the space armor used against Kang the Conquerer in "The Kang Dynasty" or if it is a separate armor entirely.

First Seen: Season One "The Ultron Imperative"

"HulkBuster" Armor

Speculative; I have assigned the armor the name "HulkBuster" armor solely based on the observation that it has only been used to date on Hulk-level threats (Hulk, Wonder Man).

First Seen: Season One "Everything Is Wonderful"

Uru Armor

Uru Armor
This armor was created in the Asgardian realm of Nidavellir, aided by Eitri, the same master smith who forged Thor's hammer.  Made to battle Loki and his followers, the suit is entirely made out of Uru metal, like Mjolnir.

Possibly designated as the Mark VIII Armor

First Seen: "A Day Unlike Any Other"


Iron Man's HUD

 (From AEMH LS #3)