The Leader

The LeaderReal Name: Sam Sterns

Janitor Sam Sterns found himself exposed to Gamma radiation while working in a lab where Bruce Banner was performing experiments. Transformed into a superhuman genius, Sterns took the name of the Leader and uses his enhanced intellect to come up with increasingly devious plots against the world’s heroes as he sets out to accomplish his one, true goal… complete and utter domination of the world!

When the Cube was destroyed, the Leader recruited other formerly incarcerated villains into his service while creating a gamma radiation field capable of encompassing the entire world, starting with nearby Las Vegas.  He and his lieutenants were defeated by the Avengers.   During his apprehension, further exposure to high-intensity gamma radiation caused a further mutation, with his brain growing even larger than before.

* The Leader was transformed into a super-human genius by the same gamma radiation that turned his arch-nemesis Bruce Banner into the Hulk

* Like his physically imposing enemy the Hulk, the Leader has green skin, and unlike the Jade Giant has a small body and a large, elongated head