LokiLoki, the Norse God of Mischief, holds an eternal grudge against his half-brother Thor, and intends to strike at him by wreaking supernatural havoc on his adoptive home - Earth!  Loki has a mastery of manipulation that makes most politicians seem as pure as the new-driven snow; he is a master of deception.  Loki is also perhaps the most powerful Asgardian sorcerer of any age, and is able to assume any shape he desires.

Loki launched an elaborate plot to conquer the nine realms.  Leading an invasion of Frost Giants to Asgard, Loki had always intended the attack to fail, so that Odin would exile him to the Isle of Silence.  His plan continued to slowly unfold.

* From the Isle of Silence, he worked through the Enchantress and the Executioner to form the Masters of Evil to act on his orders, ontaining the Norn Stones from Karnilla the Norn Queen.

* He made alliance with his daughter Hel to gain her support for his schemes.

* He employed the treacherous Malekith to gain the Casket of Endless Winter.

* He employed ogres as his army for the real subjugation of Asgard.

* He allied with Ulik to lead his trolls to attack the dwarves.

* He maintained his alliance with the Frost Giants.

He found a way to usurp the Odin Force from Odin, ensuring that Odin would not wake from the Odin-Sleep.

Thor and his Avenger and Asgardian allies managed to defeat Loki and return the Odin Force to Odin.  Loki has been bound beneath a serpent, whose venom drips into his forced-open eyes as punishment.