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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes LS #2


Creative Team: Writer: Christophr Yost
Artist: Scott Wegener
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Summary: The Avengers battle the Crimson Dynamo in Switzerland, and defeat him.

The Winter Guard show up (introducing Ursus Major, Vanguard, Darkstar, and the Titanium Man).  They claim prior jurisdiction, and they have the permission of the Swiss government to apprehend the Crimson Dynamo in the name of Russia.

Iron Man , taken in my the Crimson Dynamo's contention that he was one of the founders of the Witner Guard, and that he designed the Titanium Man's armor, attacks the Winter Guard, assuming them to be really intent on rescue and recruitment rather than justice.  Captain America battlles Ursus Major, Iron Man figths the Titanium Man, the Wasp and Giant-Man fight Darkstar, and Thor battles Vanguard, all of them half-heartedly; Stark started the brawl.

They stop fighting, but a suprise attack from the Crimson Dynamo sennds the Titanium Man's power supply into overload, and starts to go critical.  Iron Man rushes it into the atmosphere before it detonates, and is knocked out by the blast, but caught by Thor.

The Crimson Dynamo escapes during the explosion, back to his base somewhere on the northern coast of Germany.  He is recruited there by Zemo and the Masters of Evil.
Commentary Same artist as the last issue, and I still don't like his style at all.  I don't like the shading, I don't like the inking, I don't like the way the artist does faces.  The simplicity of style works alright in animation, but here, as still images, it suffers.  There are also some minor nitpicks, like the Crimson Dynamo armor missing its "shoudlers" in the lab (of course, the armor is being repaired and rebuilt by Vanko, so I suppose missing parts isnt a big deal, but still...

The pretext for the team fight, while in the tradition of flimsy excuses for team vs team combat, served its purpose - but made Stark look... well, stupid.  He can't scan the Titanium Man's armor, so he immediately attacks the Winter Guard, who are acting on behalf of their government? 

His armor seems like its made by Microsoft - the frigging thing is really flimsy for being a state-of-the-art combat suit.


Mutual Respect
Creative Team: Writer: Christopher Yost
Penciler: Patrick Scherberger
Inker: Sandu Florea
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Summary: Ant-Man and the Hulk are confronting the Mad Thinker, and his two androids, Quasimodo and the Awesome Android.  Hulk and the Awesome Android bash each other while the Mad Thinker tries to goad Ant-Man into his giant form. 

Ant-Man tells the Hulk where to punch the Awesome Android to put him off-line, and summons a horde of ants, which infest the Mad Thinker and Quasimodo, fouling their circuits and gumming up the works.  The Mad Thinker is impressed that Ant-Man wasnt able to be goaded into giant form; Quasimodo was built to analyze and replicate energy forms, and the Mad Thinker had wanted Quasimodo to scan the Pym Particles if Ant-Man used them to grow to giant size. 
Commentary  An amusing story, whereby the Mad Thinker comes to realize that Hank Pym is smarter than your average spandex hero.  The story served well enough, except there was no time when I actually felt that the Hulk could be defeated by the Awesome Android; I mean, c'mon... Quasimodo sports a re-design, slightly less creepy than the MU 616 version, but with none of the personality; I suppose it must be early days for Quasimodo, except that the Mad Thinker already put him in human-ish form.

Which brings me to the art, which was chaotic, unfinished, and not at all to my taste.   If this wasn't attached to the show continuity, I'd probably drop thge series; but as it is, there are only two more issues forthcoming, so I can grit my teeth and bear it, I suppose. I think the format - two shorter stories - is wrong.  As I noted elsewhere, the shorter the story, the harder it is to make sensible stories out of them.