Captain Mar-Vell

Real Name: Geheneris Hala´son Mar-Vell*

Mar-Vell a Kree xenobiologiest, and had heard rumors of genetic anomolies on Earth, and came to investigate. He's been studying humans for three years now, and considers them to valuable to lose (apparently, especially Carol Danvers). He got himself assigned to an orbital telescope ground station as the Kree would consider it a prime target; he intended to cloak it, but the Sentry arrived too soon.

After he betrays his own people to help the Avengers save Earth, he heads back into Kree space to attempt to convince the Supreme Intelligence to leave Earth alone, and not embroil them in the war between the Kree and the Skrull empires.  He accompanied the return mission, under the command of Yon-Rogg and in the company of Ronan the Accuser.  In the subsequent battle, he did not assist either the Avengers nor the Kree, calling for the Earth to surrender peacefully.  After the defeat of the Kree, he was imprisoned in 42.



* The origin of the name "Geheneris Hala´son Mar-Vell" is from the Mar-vell character in Marvel Comic's Ultimate Universe