Negative Zone
Affiliations: None
First Appearance:
"The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"

The Negative Zone is a parallel dimension composed of anti-matter and anti-matter energy. 

More Information: Marvel Wiki: The Negative Zone
History:   The existance of the Negative Zone was discovered by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.  It is a parallel universe to our own, except that it is composed of anti-matter and anti-matter energy.  Apparently deserted, it was deemed perfect for the location of the "42" super-prison, until Annihilus proved that the Negative Zone did indeed have inhabitants.

When it was discovered that Galactus turned matter into anti-matter energy for consumption, the Avengers opened a portal to the Negative Zone and banished Galactus there, where he could feed directly off that ani-matter energy for eons.


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