The Red Skull

The Red SkullThe Red Skull was created by Baron Zemo during World War II as Hydra's 'super soldier", and the Red Skull served Baron Zemo for a time during World War II, retrieving occult artifacts for Hydra's Occult Division.

The Red Skull discovered a ley point - a place where the walls between dimensions are thin -  in Norway to the mythic realm of Asgard, and using advanced technology of the era, created a portal through which he could summon Asgardian monsters, fitting them with control collars to serve Hydra. This facility was destroyed by Captain America, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos.

The Red Skull made his way to an escape rocket craft.  When Captain America and Bucky followed and were climbing the outside of the rocket craft after launch. the Red Skull activated its self-destruct and ejected, leaving them to die.  Bucky kicked Captain America free before the destruct mechanism could detonate, sending him into the frozen waters below.  Captain America would subconsciously use the Cosmic Cube to save Bucky from the explosion, sending him also into the waters, but to a different fate.

The status of the Red Skull is currently unknown.