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Breakout, Part I

Season One, Episode 01

Director(s) Sebastian Montes
Ciro Nieli
Writer(s) Christopher Yost
Summary Some A.I.M. operatives have decided to sell some Stark technology to Latveria via Dr. Doom's agent.

In the Cube, Banner is held prisoner. Banner is convinced that the Cube is a major threat - "You know what the cube is, really? It's a gamma bomb waiting to go off!" There are four super-prisons; the Cube, the Vault, the Raft, and the Big House. One of the prisoners in the Big House is the SHIELD agent, Hawkeye, who stands accused of selling secrets to Hydra.

The power and security at all four of the super-prisons fails simultaneously, and the super-powered criminals begin to break out. Hawkeye heads to the armory of the Big House, reclaiminbg his bow and arrow sets just in time to deny the escaping villains their own technology-based equipment. Ant-Man and Wasp are busy fighting the escapees, and Iron Man mistakes Hawkeye for an escapee as well. Under simultaneous attack from the Crimson Dynamo, Whiplash, and others, Iron Man's armor is severely damaged, forcing him to retreat.

Meanwhile, unaware of the escapes, Thor shares a romantic, if awkward, moment with Jane Foster.

Graviton escapes from the Big House, and emerges from the SHIELD helicarrier!
Notes Youtube:
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