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Breakout, Part II

Season One, Episode 02

Director(s) Sebastian Montes
Ciro Nieli
Writer(s) Christopher Yost
Summary Graviton is the physicist Frank Hall, recruited for the Super Soldier program by Nick Fury. An accident in the lab stuck him down, and when he awoke he had gained his gravetic powers. Imprisoned by Fury, Graviton is out for revenge!

Leonard Sampson, the Cube scientist who has vowed to cure Bruce Banner, is exposed to Gamma radiation; his hair grows long and green, and he develops extraordinary strength! The escaping gamma-based villains in his charge want revenge on him; fortunately for him, Banner has become the Hulk, and comes to his assistance. The Hulk has a vision of Banner, who convinces Hulk to help stop the super-villains from escaping.

The heroes fight Graviton, and the combined powers of Iron Man, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Thor seem unable to defeat him. Graviton declares to them that "I'm the strongest one there is!"

Famous last words. The Hulk is the strongest one there is, and takes Graviton on to establish his indisputable claim to that title! When the dust clears, Graviton is defeated. Fury tries to recruit the heroes; he has seventy-four escaped villains to re-capture. While they refuse to place themselves under SHIELD command, Pym does point out that there is a need for such a team.
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Part II 1/2
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