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Iron Man Is Born

Season One, Episode 03

Director(s) Vinton Heuck
Writer(s) Brandon Auman
Summary The hordes of Hydra attack the United Nations, and technologist Tony Stark dons the Iron Man Mark VI armor to defeat them.

Iron Man fights the Hydra Dreadnaught combat robots, who have been augmented with Stark's repulsor and energy shield technology. The SHIELD Helicarrier arrives, and deploys their Mandroid battle suits, ordering Iron Man to stand down.

Iron Man is confronted by SHIELD's Mandroid armored battle suit soldiers. Seven components in the Mandroid armor are derived from Stark Technology. Iron Man and the Mandroids throw down, and after Iron Man defeats them confronts Fury, angry that they are using Stark technology; Stark left the weapons business because he didn't want to use his technology for weapons any longer.  Fury comes to the conclusion that SHIELD has a leak, and tells Maria Hill to get the Black Widow for him.

Nick Fury delivers the Hydra agents who attacked the United Nations to the Vault, turning them over to agent Jimmy Woo's custody. Fury goes off to interrogate Baron Von Strucker, who commands Hydra in Baron Zemo's absence. During in-processing, SHIELD discovers that one of the captured agents is a cyborg - and the Grim Reaper strikes. He has allowed himself to be captured so that he can free Baron Von Strucker and return to him his own cybernetic device, the Satan's Claw. Fury fights the Grim Reaper, who succeeds in freeing Von Strucker. As they escape, Von Strucker uses the Satan's Claw to drain the life-energy of a SHIELD agent, restoring his vitality. Both Von Strucker and the Grim Reaper are re-captured by Fury and SHIELD.
Commentary In terms of continuity, this episode was the first, and serves as the introduction to the Iron Man Character. I like the Armor Wars-like purpose to this incarnation of Tony Stark; it gives his character an over-riding motivation.  I would still like to see more of why he decided to take Stark Industries down a more pacificistic path; hopefully that'll be something they cover in Season One or Season Two. Stark Industries is out of the munitions business, but what do they make now?  Toasters?

Other Notes:

* I want to see the Mark I through Mark V armors - mostly so I can draw them as microheroes.  I'm an addict, what can I say?

*I hope they do more with Rhodey, and that we get to see the War Machine armor soon; I wonder if the Iron Man live-action movies are supposed to be in-continuity here?

* When SHIELD discovers they have a leak, Fury calls for the Black Widow.  Later, she turns out to be working for HYDRA as a spy; clearly, Fury is using her as a double agent.
Notes Note: Episode originally broadcast as four micro-episodes on the web site. 


Part 1/2
Part 2/2