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Thor The Mighty

Season One, Episode 04

Director(s) Vinton Heuck
Writer(s) Michael Ryan 
Summary The Mighty Thor battles the Wrecking Crew, who are attempting to steal the Gamma Energy Emitter while ambulance EMT Jane Foster tries to help the injured police who had responded to the "Code Blue" alert.

After the battle, Thor is summoned to defend Asgard from the onslaught of the Frost Giants, and is struck down by his half-brother, Loki. Thor battles Loki in defense of Asgard, and defeats him. Loki is exiled to the Isle of Silence, and Odin commands that Thor remain in Asgard to defend it while Odin goes into the Odin-Sleep.

Thor departs Asgard for Earth. Meanwhile Loki is reviewing his plots and machinations on the Isle of Silence; how he excited the Frost Giants to attack Asgard, how he disguised himself as Balder to alienate Odin and Thor over Earth and Jane Foster, how he disguised himself as the Leader to hire the Wrecking Crew to steal the Gamma Energy Emitter, and how he had the Enchantress send Thor to the docks to fight them. After he finishes his reverie, Loki is rescued from the Isle of Silence by the Enchantress and the Executioner
Commentary This episode focuses on Thor, and is his introduction to the AEMH universe.  So far, no sign of Doctor Don Blake.  

Other Notes:

* The Wrecking Crew have been changed from an origin where they get their powers from Asgardian magic to Gamma mutation.  In fact, none of the villains who are - in the MU616 - originally Thor enemies have retained their origins intact; all of them have been changed to Gamma mutation villains.

* Frost Giant battles are particularly brutal, with shattered teeth and all.

* If Odin is the All-Seeing All-Father, how can he be decieved by Loki?  Unless, as Thor says, its always a test with Odin, to watch and judge the worthiness of everyone on an ongoing basis. 

* Its good to see Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg, if only fleetingly.

* Jane Foster has never been my prefered Thor love interest; I'd much rather see Sif, or better still, Amora.   Its not like Thor is any stranger to human valor, after all - an immortal seems more his style.

*Amora is one of my favorite femme fatals at Marvel!
Notes Note: Composed of the preview episodes "Thor the Mighty", "The Siege of Asgard", "My Brother, My Enemy", and "The Isle of Silence".


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