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Meet Captain America

Season One, Episode 06

Director(s) Sebastian Montes
Writer(s) Paul Giacoppo
Summary Kang the Conquerer begins to review Captain America's history, re-capping how World War II was fought, with the threat of Hydra replacing the Nazi powers. He shows a newsreel which re-caps Operation: Rebirth. Somewhere in Europe, the Howling Commandos are making an ambibious landing, working their way to the castle where the Red Skull has a secret base. The Howlers fight Hydra troopers in a Steranko-esque graveyard, and are joined by Captain America.

They fight their way past Hydra reinforcements to the front gate, where Bucky is revealed to have already infiltrated the upper part of the castle; the lans are in the lower portion, and too heavily guarded. What appears to be an enormous cyclopean troll is guarding the castle entrance, and the monster engages Captain America and Bucky.

Captain America and Bucky defeat the Norse cyclopean giant guarding the entrance to the Red Skull's castle, and head deeper into the base. They are captured by Hydra, and brought to the basement scientific lab, where they confront the Red Skull. The Red Skull has found a cave with a dimensional portal to the Norse world, and has begun to capture some of the monsters so that he can use them for Hydra. The Red Skull has captured a Fenris wolf, a group of faeries, some trolls, and a minotaur, but he is not satisfied with those and attempts to bring a Frost Giant through the portal. Captain America and Bucky break free and being to fight the Hydra guards, and in retaliation, the Red Skull releases the Norse monsters!

The creatures of Norse myth are unleashed, and neither Hydra nor Captain America and Bucky are safe. Bucky fights (and wise-cracks to) Von Strucker. Captain America fights a Fenris wolf, a Norse troll, and other beasties. Together, Captain America and Bucky defeat the Hydra goons and close the portal to the Norse world. The Red Skull attempts to escape in a rocket, but Captain America and Bucky are following, climbing the rocket's fusilage. The Red Skull ejects, and the4 countdown to the explosion of the rocket is on... as it ticks down, Captain America tries to free a caught Bucky, but Bucky throws him off, shouting that the world needs Captain America. The rocket explodes, seemingly killing Bucky. Captain America falls into the frozen waters of the Arctic, where he is frozen. A newsreel shows the national mourning and tribute statue.

Kang the Conquerer is tracking Captain America through his battle with the Red Skull, observing Rogers. He flashes forward through various time-frames as Captain America lands in the ice water and begins to freeze. Something has destabilized Kang's future, and is eliminating his time-stream. As his future world begins to be wiped out, Kang comes to the conclusion that Captain America and his actions are responsible for the destabilizing effect. Kang orders that his fleet time-jump to the past; he will remedy the destablization of his time-line by conquering the earth of the past. His consort, Ravonna, is caught in the destablizaton effect just as Kang's flagship jumps to the past.
Notes Note: Composed of the preview episodes "Meet Captain America", "The Red Skull Strikes!", "If This Be Doomsday!", and "Lo, There Shall Come a Conqueror".


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