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The Man In The Ant Hill

Season One, Episode 07

Director(s) Vinton Heuck 
Writer(s) Brandon Auman
Summary Hank Pym is attacked my Klaw and his minions when they attempt to steal the vibranium sample SHIELD has asked Pym to examine; Klaw wants to weaponize it. Klaw and his minions may be a match for one lone scientist, but not for Pym's alter-ego, the Ant-Man.

Wasp and Ant-Man are arguing in Ant-Man's lab; Wasp wants more adventure, and Ant-Man is happy to be performing experiments. Wasp investigates a disturbance; the Whirlwind, a super-villain able to move and revolve at super speeds, is tearing up the city after having stolen a sample of Vibranium for Klaw. Wasp and Whirlwind engage in battle.

Whirlwind is lured by the Wasp into an Ant-Man-created cloud of stinging insects, and the Wasp administers the final blow as she argues with Ant-Man about whether or not to pursue science or adventure.

King T'Chaka is being challenged by the Man-Ape for the kingship of Wakanda. Prince T'Challa does not wish his father to fight, but tradition ties T'Chaka's hands. The Man Ape has been planning this for years, but he is no match for the Black Panther. However, the Man Ape has no intention of fighting fair; he has engaged Klaw to secretly attack T'Chaka with a hidden invisible sonic weapon from the sidelines. As the Man-Ape kills T'Chaka in the kingship duel, Prince T'Challa dons the uniform of the Black Panther and flees Wakanda. After the battle, the Man Ape gives Klaw his payment; access to the sacred Vibranium Mound of Wakanda.

The criminal Whirlwind is brought to the super-prison The Big House, where he complains to the other inmates (Grey Gargoyle, Arnim Zola) that they need to use their powers to escape. All the guards in the Big House are Ultron-looking synthezoids. Whirlwind then tries to escape himself, but is pinned by a regular-sized Ant-Man; the Big House and its inmates are shown to be shrunken to Ant-Man size.

Fury thanks the Wasp and Ant-Man for capturing Whirlwind, and Fury pitches a recruitment offer to Ant Man and Wasp. Pym designed the Big House for SHIELD, but with an eye towards criminal rehabilitation, not punishment. Fury points out that SHIELD is in the law-enforcement business, and that Pym has an unrealistic view of the situation; while he's making rehabilitation plans, SHIELD is down on the front lines protecting people from super-villains. Whirlwind is revealed to be a mutant, and Fury orders him to be transfered to the Mutant Response Division.

Meanwhile, Whirlwind continues to resist his imprisonment, and is engaged by the Mad Thinker in conversation. The Mad Thinker reveals that he has calculated that very soon, all four of the super-prisons - the Raft, the Big House, the Vault, and the Cube - will soon fail and they will all be free.
Notes Notes: Composed of the preview episodes "The Man in the Ant Hill", "Enter the Whirlwind", "Welcome to Wakanda", and "The Big House".


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