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Season One, Episode 15

Director(s) Vinton Hueck

Joelle Sellner,  from a story by Ciro Nieli

Summary Ant-Man and Wasp have travelled to a base under joint SHIELD/Military command, which uses one of the most advanced orbital telescopes in the world.  They are met by Jan's old friend, Major Carol Danvers.  Carol needs Ant-Man's help, and introduces him to Phillip Lawson.  The telescope is tracking what Carol to believes to be an extraterrestrial craft  They are undecided about confirming that its a craft when the object turns and rams the orbital telescope and crash-lands near the facility.

Wasp joins Carol in a humvee while Ant-Man rides one of his ant buddies out tt he crash site.  On the way, Carol warns Jan that the jealously flirt bit might backfire on Hank, who obviously adores Jan.  Jan replies it would be better than being ignored.

At the crash site, which glows a pretty purple in the crater, Ant-Man reveals that scans detected no signs of life at the crash site.  Hank finds what we will learn are Sentry tracks as the Sentry scans Ant-Man, Wasp, and Carol, focusing on Carol's assault rifle.  The trio dodge some incoming Sentry fire.  Wasp discovers that the Sentry has an invisibility-stealth mode, and Carol asks Ant-Man to call in the rest of the team.

Ant-Man summons some of his hexapedal friends, and the ant swarm covers the Sentry.  It defends itself with a concentric energy blast.  The humans are knocked off their feet.  The Sentry drops its now-futile invisibility, and begins to approach the humans, its eyes glowing ominously.

The Kree Sentry stands some twenty-five feet tall.  As it gets closer, it fires another eyebeam blast, which scatters the humans.  Hank calls for patience and underestanding, while Wasp and Carol attack it.  It destroys Carol's firearm.  The weapon destroyed, the Sentry ignores them and proceeds towards the base; Ant-Man sends Carol on ahead while they buy her some time to complete the evacuation.

Phillip Lawson barely hides his secret green energy wrst device before Carol runs up the stairs; before she can explain, Giant-Man comes crashing through the rooftop, the Sentry hot on his heels.  One of the Sentry's optic blasts causes an explosion, and Lawson uses his own body to shield Carol.  Unfortunately for him, the explosion also fries his technology disguise - Phillip Lawson is an alien.  Carol is bathed in the green energy.

Wasp is brought down by some debris, and Giant-Man tries to restrain the Sentry robot, getting electrocuted into unconsciousness for his trouble. Before the Sentry can follow up, the Sentry is commanded to stand down by Lawson, who stands revealed as Mar-Vell of the Kree.  Mar-Vell orders the Sentry to stand down.Th3 Sentry responds by destroying the base's power core, forcing Mar-Vell to evacuate Carol.  The base starts exploding as Giant-Man, Mar-Vell, Carol, and the Wasp get out.  They take Carol to a hospital, and regroup with the other responding Avengers.

Mar-Vell tells the Avengers about the Kree, one of the galaxy's oldest civilization, engaged in a war with another alien civilization, the Skrulls.  Earth is in a strategically important positon between the two empires. The Kree send out Sentries to "de-fang" natives of important planets; if the inhabitants are too tough for the Sentry, each one is also equipped with a Nega-Bomb to eradicate the natives of that planet.  Mar-Vell guesses they have about an hour before the Sentry detonates.

Mar-vell explains that he is a scientist, a xenobiologiest, and had heard rumors of genetic anomolies on Earth, and came to investigate.  He's been studying humans for three years now, and considers them to valuable to lose (aparently, especually Carol).  He got himself assigned to the base as the Kree would consider it a prime target, and he was working to cloak it, but the Sentry arrived too soon.  He begs the Avengers to let him help save the planet.

The Sentry is slowly rampaging through the rural area, and the Avengers plus Mar-Vell attack, with varying degrees of success (or lack thereof).  Giant-Man saves Wasp from rocket attacks, but is badly hurt in the explosions, although he does manage (almost) and "I love.." before he passes out.

The combined power of Mar-Vell's big blaster, Thor's hammer, and Iron Man's repulsors and uni-beam manage to crack open the Sentry's armor, and before it can self-seal, Wasp manages to enter the inside of the robot, where she proceeds to blast the vunerable inner circuitry to smithereens while Hulk tears it's head off.

A hologram of Yon Rogg appears above the damaged Sentry. Mar-Vell begs his commander to disarm the Nega-Bomb, but Yon-Rogg declares that Mar-Vell has gone soft, and that as of now, Earth is part of the Kree Empire. Yon-Rogg's final words are "Burn, traitor".  Mar-vell starts to disarm the Nega-Bomb, but he doesn't have enough time.  he grabs the Nega-Bomb and tries to fly it to space, but he freezes in the upper atmosphere, and both he and the Nega-Bomb begin to fall back to Earth.

Fortunately, Mar-Vell was followed by Thor and Iron Man.  Iron Man catches Mar-Vell while Thor continues to take the Nega Bomb into space, throwing it with all his might towards the moon just before it detonates.  The shock waves throw Thor back planetward.

Carol and Hank now share a hospital room, and Thor is miffed that Iron Man caught him as he fell back towards Earth. Mar-Vell tells Iron Man that Mar-Vell will travel to Hala to appeal to the Supreme Intelligence, to have them leave Earth alone, but that the Avengers should prepare for the worst.

Wasp is talking to an unconscious Ant-Man, apologizing for being her twit-self.  Hank wakes up and tries to backtrack on the "I love you" bit, but they're interrupted by Carol, who ois surrounded by an energy glow and floating above her hospital bed.  "Guys... why is the ceiling so low....?"
Commentary Once again,  I'm amazed and impressed at how much they packed into a 30-minute episode, without feeling like they should have made it a two-parter.  I liked the redesign of Mar-Vell, and I liked the way they re-interpreted his origin, updating and compressing it, keeping the essential elements of the character while giving him a much stronger reason to defend Earth from his own people.

* Carol's jumpsuit has a SHIELD emblem on it - but she is referred to by rank.  I assuming she's wearing the jumpsuit because she's cold, not because she's an agent of SHIELD; it is a joint operation, after all.

* The AEMH Kree Sentry is much more fun to fight than the MU616 Kree Sentry - energy blasts, tentacles with blasters and whirling blades, spikes, missle launches, and legs that can entrench the Senty in a fortified position. 

* This Captain Mar-Vell is a xenobiologist, not a warrior-hero of the Kree - that's an interesting change. I like how Mar-Vell went from spy to Earth defender and Kree traitor so swiftly, catching up roughly eighteen issues of clumsy Mar-Vell storyline in one episode.

* I guess they didn't have to wait for the appearance of the Kree Psyche-Magnitron before giving Carol powers.  I like how her golden glow looked like the photonic energy that a later incarnation of Mar-Vell in the MU616 would get from the nega-bands.

* No Ronan the Accuser, but we did get Colonel Yon-Rogg!

* I think this is one of the first instances of Iron Man mixing it up without having a technical malfunction in his armor; about time!

* OK, now that we have the Kree side of the war, can we have the Skrull side, pretty please!?

* Can we ditch Medic Una and Elysius and have Mar-Vell and Carol get together, please?  I've wanted to see that since 1968 or so...

* I can't help but feel that with Mar-Vell, Hulk, and Captain America all now in the AEMH universe, there should be a Rick Jones appearance... unless that was him in the truck in the countryside.
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