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Widow's Bite

Season One, Episode 16

Director(s) Vinton Hueck

Chris Wyatt, Kevin Burke

Summary The Grim Reaper is meeting with MODOC on behalf of Baron Von Strucker. Baron Von Strucker hired AIM to create the Cosmic Cube, but MODOC tells the Grim Reaper that AIM needs more funding to be able to finish it.  Hawkeye interrupts their little meeting and demands that they tell him where he can find the Black Widow.  A battle ensues, wherein Hawkeye kicks HYDRA and AIM so hard their teeth rattle.

MODOC and the Grim Reaper retreat, and Nick Fury calls Hawkeye on the carpet, mightily displeased that the Avengers interfered in an ongoing SHIELD operation.  Fury and Hawkeye bark at each other while the other Avengers watch. Iron Man agrees with Fury, and Hawkeye declares he'll deal with HYDRA and the Black Widow himself, stalking out.

Captain America and the Black Panther follow him out, and they argue a little more.  They're joined by Mockingbird, formerly Hawkeye's SHIELD pilot Bobbi Morse, who has since taken Hawkeye's place on the SHIELD Special Operations team.

The four of them - dare I say, a new Kooky Quartet?- head out after HYDRA.  Early on, Cap and Hawkeye let Mockingbird know that she's Fury's plant to keep an eye on them. They follow the signal from the tracking device Hawkeye planted on the Grim Reaper.

The Grim Reaper is reporting status on his activities when multiple explosive arrows ruin his day (and his car).  Hawkeye4 and a soaring Mockingbird attack the Grim Reaper and his HYDRA minions, but are defeated and taken to the HYDRA transport, which heads for HYDRA Island, so that the Grim Reaper can give his captives over to Baron Von Strucker personally.

On HYDRA Island Viper and the BlackWidow are reporting on their activities.  The Grim Reaper enters, and presents Baron Von Strucker with Hawkeye and Mockingbird.  Strucker is going to use the Satan's Claw on Hawkeye, but Viper asks he reconsider; and Avengers hostage might be more useful than a dessicated corpse.

Iron Man is furious that Captain America and the Black Panther were helping Hawkeye and Mockingbird; further, that they lost track of them.

In the HYDRA prison, Hawkeye and Mockingbird discuss trust.  The Black Widow shows up, but Hawkeye won't talk to her.  She seems shocked by the depth of his anger.  The Black Widow leaves, and shortly thereafter Hawkeye springs the HYDRA prison locks - he blames his circus upbringing for his arsenal of shady - but useful - tricks.

At AIM, the Supreme Scientist is reporting to MODOC that while the Cosmic Cube project was started as a con job, it looks like they actually succeeded.  He wants another meeting with HYDRA.

An unidentified signal is sent on the Avengers frequency, to which the Black Panther and Captain America respond. 

Mockingbird and Hawkeye are beating up HYDRA thugs, and burst into the Hydra Throneroom - where there are dozens, maybe hundreds more, plus Von Strucker, the Black Widow, Viper, and the Grim Reaper waiting for them.  Down to his last arrow, Hawkeye apologizes to Mockingbird, and tells her to retreat, that he'll hold them as long as he can so she can get out of there... and Captain America and the Black Panther come crashing through the dome!

The Black Panther brought a spare - full - quiver for Hawkeye!

And the fight is on again!  Von Strucker, realizing that HYDRA Island is compromised, activates the self-destruct "Code Fenris" as the Black Widow swings him out danger and covers Von Strucker's retreat.  Hawkeye makes a choice - put a broadhead into the Black Widow, or save Mockingbird from Viper.

Hawkeye pursues the Black Widow, and has a running battle with her.  They engage hand-to-hand, and the Black Widow lays Hawkeye out fast. Strucker starts to use the Satan's Claw on Hawkeye.

The Black Panther, with an assist from a well-placed shield, defeats the Grim Reaper. 

The Black Widow hits Von Strucker from behind and runs off with his body over her shoulder before much damage is done by the Satan's Claw to Hawkeye.  Fury lets the Avengers know he has Mockingbird, and tells them to get the heck off the Island before it destroys itself.  They all get out before it blows.

On the hellicarrier, Fury yells at Hawkeye again, but Captain America stands up for Hawkeye. Fury informs them that SHIELD will deal with the Black Widow, and if the Avengers interfere again, Fury will have them disbanded.

Von Strucker has his suspicions about the Black Widow's story that the Black Panther attacked him, and that the Black Widow was fortunate to gert them out, even though the Grim Reaper and Viper were taken. They meet with MODOC, who tells them that the Cosmic Cube was a failure, and that their money is being refunded.  Von Struckr knows MODOC is lying.

Back at SHIELD, we're shown that the Viper is a Skrull.
Commentary Another dose of Avengery goodness - just about the only place to get it, as the comics stink on ice.  The vibe on this episode, with Hawkeye chasing the Black Widow with Captain America, was very much a "Kooky Quartet" thing, which means it could have been much worse and I'd still have adored it.

* Smoke arrows, net arrows, sonic arrows, explosive arrows.  Much chewy, archery goodness this episode.
* The first costumned appearance of Mockingbird, with a low, gravelly, sarcastic voice.  Yum!
* Fury's outrage at Hawkeye's little dockside raid just reinforces my theory that the Black Widow is playing double agent.
* The Grim Reaper mentions "The Fat Man" - probably the Kingpin.
* More beautiful fight scenes.
* The Viper is in contact with the Yashida clan, led by the Gorgon.  Presumably not the Inhuman...
* The Black Widow is in contact with Count Nefaria, who runs the Maggia or at least part of it).  She is also in contact with Lukin, the Russian industrialist *cough "Winter Soldier" cough*.
* The signal leading the Black Panther and Captain America to HYDRA Island was probably the work of the Black Widow.
* Viper can throw a grenade at me any day.
* Ah, the Viper is a Skrull!  Now... in this universe, has she always been a Skrull, or is there another Viper out there, the prisoner of the Skrulls?
* War between AIM and HYDRA over the betrayal of the Cosmic Cube?  Oh, I hope so!
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