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The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

Season One, Episode 17


Director(s) Sebastian Montes

Andrew Robinson

Summary The Damocles, Kang's flagship, has just finished a time-jump to our time, and Kang's minions are making their warship ready.

Down in the Avengers Mansion, Stark is explaining to Rogers what the newspaper means when they call Stark a "futurist".  Rogers calls Stark on his lack of combat training, and offers to teach Stark how to fight; after four knockdowns in the ring, Stark declines, believing that his armor is a match for anything, and such combat training has no value.

We get our first look at the Baxter bBuilding and the Fantastic Four as Wasp, Ant-Man, and Thor escort Blizzard to 42, the Negative Zone super-prison replacement for the other super-prisons destroyed in "Breakout".  It resides in the Negative Zone, and is staffed by the proto-Ultron guards.

Iron Man and Captain America are finishing "heroing up" when Kang as his floating chair materialize and attack.  Iron Man's force shields hold him at bay while the Mansion's defensive weapons try and penetrate Kang's force bubble, to no avail.  Kang stops the Sheild in mid-air.

The other Avengers are re-called!

Kang is beating on Iron Man and Captain America, and Kang specifies he doesn't care about the Avengers, just eliminating Captain America from the timeline. Iron Man's Uni-beam, even on full power, can't seem to dent Kang's energy shields.  JARVIS can't perform an analysis of the technology.

Fortunately, Hulk is the ultimate in low tech, and smashes Kang through a wall.  Hawkeye and the Black Panther join the fight, but Kang's omni-directional energy blasts are hard to dodge.  Fortunately, the Hulk is able to resist and smash Kang's shield. capturing him breifly before Kang's weaponry gains him the upper hand.  He points his gun at the helpless Captain America and...

...gets an Uru mallet in the chest.  Thor, Giant-Man, and the Wasp have arrived, and throw themselves into battle.  Kang retrieves his floating chair, and faces the Avengers, all assembled.  Kang teleports them all through to the future, so they can see what the future with Captain America holds.  Manhatten is a futuristic wrecked shell of itself, ten years in the future. Apparently, with Captain America around, the Kree/Skrull war destroys the Earth and its sun.

Kang's plan is to remove Captain America, conquer the planet, and then prepare it for the Kree/Skrull war so that Earth can defeat both sides when they attack Earth.  Captain America offers to surrender, and Iron Man says it may be their only hope to co-operate with Kang... but since Kang is such a jerk about it, the Avengers need to take him down.

While the Avengers keep him busy, Iron Man hacks Kang's chair so the Avengers can get home.  He takes control of the chair, and takes them all back to the Avengers Mansion, where the battle continues.  The Avengers defeat Kang, who withdraws to the Damocles, and makes preparations to invade the Earth!
Commentary Well, the Kang War is off with a bang!  The hallmarks of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes series are all here - beautifully choreographed battle scenes, rich, dense story, and lots of "cookies" for the older fans of the comic books.

Some of my personal highlights included:

* Tying in the crisis which destroys the Earth to the Kree/Skrull conflict.  I would have loved to see some Kree or Skrull destroyed items such as a wrecked Sentry or something, but they gave me enough that I'm not complaining.

* First appearance of the Fantastic Four of this AEMH universe, correctly characterized by Hank Pym as a family of explorers, first and foremost.  Yay science!

* The 42 super-prison, one of the truly creative things to have come out of the badly-executed comic mega-event called Civil War. The walking tour was fantastic.

* Jan's reaction to the mass-produced Ultron guards. I cannot help but agree that its going to end up a Bad Thing (tm)

* The version of Kang that they have chosen for us is perhaps the one based on the best portrayal in the comics themselves - the Kang from Kurt Busiek's excellent "The Kang Dynasty" storyline. 

* Captain America offering to teach Iron Man combat techniques

* When Kang's star chart lists their location in the background, there is a listing for the "Fabian Stellar System M-34001

* Kang should have been voiced by Michael Dorn - no complaints with the fellow who did the voice, I just kept hearing Michael Dorn's voice.

* "Yeah... wait, what?"

* It was good to see Iron Man get to display his tech saavy, hacking Kang's floating chair.

* Kang's fleet, at the end?  Reminded me of a Dalek invasion fleet.  I giggled, imagining them attacking the Damocles, screaming "Exterminate!"
Notes  Part I of III in the Kang Trilogy

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