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Come The Conquerer

Season One, Episode 18


Director(s) Vinton Hueck

Eugene Son

Summary It was a pleasant day - until Kang the Conquerer's invasion saucers began appearing in the sky above Earth.  Having failed to capture and eliminate Captain America, Kang has moved to the next phase of his plan - conquering the planet!  The ships start spewing deployment capsules for Kang's skullped warriros:

(Design art courtesy Marvel Comics!)

Aboard the Damocles, Kang's minion informs Kang that the invasion of Earth has begun!

SHIELD and its Helicarrier are on the front line in Manhatten, of course, blowing the deployment modules and the skullped robots as fast as they can... but there are so many.  Fury calls out the Avengers, who are already on the streets; Captain America gives the "Avengers Assemble!" and the battle is joined!  Thor destroys the Scarab fightercraft, Hawkeye, the Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Captain America destroy ground forces, and Iron Man saves the SHIELD helicarrier, which is taking a beating as its a big target.

Did we mention that the Skullped assault robots are self-repairing?  They get up, and round two starts, the Avengers already tired, and the robots as deadly as ever!  Wasp, frustrated that her bio-stings aren't doing anything, grabs a quinjet and plays fighter-jockette! Kaboom!

The Avengers regroup.  Iron Man and Fury update the team's sitrep; the invasion is global, not local!  Several cities are already taken, and even more are surrendering.  The Black Panther is released to go and lead Wakanda in their hour of need.  Stark announces that they need to find Kang, and bring the fight to him.  Captain America leads the Avengers back out to the streets to fight as best they may while Iron Man takes the lead in locating Kang.

Round two - Wasp is still in the "danger zone", Hawkeye and the Hulk fight a rearguard action on the Washington Bridge (?) while the civilians evacuate, but the robots have apparently watched episodes of Voltron, and start combining into huge centipede-like units. Unfortunately for it, all its increased firepower just pissed off old Jade Jaws... and nothing good ever comes from that.

Captain America observes "This is war, and we need an army".  Wasp has the idea to re-configure the Ultrons to form an army, over Pym's objections.  Pym teaches the Ultrons the concept of violence.  The Ultrons are deployed, giving the Avengers a respite.

Wasp and Ant-Man sacrifice a quinjet to get inside one of the Invasion Saucers.  Stark and Hank had theorized that the saucers have a chronal stabilizer, which allows them to stay anchored in this time.  Wasp destroys its bridge control, and the Invasion Saucer vanishes.The Ultrons and the Avengers destroy Invasion Saucers' time-anchors, and as they vanish their Skullpeds and Scarabs are also destroyed (or perhaps de-materialized).

Meanwhile, Stark has found the Damocles, Kang's flagship!
Commentary Once more, the skill of the creative team is shining like a star in the darkness.  Each character got a little time in the spotlight, each one got a chance to shine.  Other comments::

* Is that Jasper Sitwell's first appearance on the SHIELD helicarrier?

* If you didn't smile when Captain America saved the kids, and then get a shiver when he raised his shield and cried "Avengers Assemble!" you have no soul! *grins*

* Hulk and Thor's contest to see which of them can destroy the most of the enemies.  Shades of Gimli and Legolas!

* Calling Captain America "Old Man"?  That's pretty close to the Hawkeye I know and love, circa Avengers V.1 #20 or so!

* The Black Knight cameo!  I wish there had been more of them!

* Stark's half-serious growing resentment of Captain America being right all the time - and Ant-Man's reminder that that's how the rest of them feel about Iron Man.

* If the Invasion Saucers vanish back to their own time, and that timeline is gone, where do they end up?  De-materialized?

* Does anyone else find cheering on Ultrons to be... heretical?

* Darned cliffhanger ending!