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The Kang Dynasty

Season One, Episode 19


Director(s) Sebastian Montes
Writer(s) Brian Reed
Summary Kang's invasion is underway, and while the SHIELD forces make headway, cities are falling faster than SHIELD can defend them.  Meanwhile, the main weapon of Kang's flagship Damocles is preparing to fire - at the Avengers Mansion.

The Avengers suit up in their new Stark-designed spacesuits - the Hulk's is just an oxygen tank and mask - and board their quinjet, launching towards the Damocles, joined by their surviving Ultrons.  Kang fires, and Thor jumps out and ahead, blocking the shot and deflecting it back to Kang's ship, knocking out the main weapon.  Thor falls towards the Earth, knocked out, and Pym diverts two of their escort Ultrons to catch him in mid-air.  Thor is taken to a medical facility, and the Avengers continue onwards.

Kang launches Scarab fighters to defend the craft and destroy the Avengers.  Iron Man turns the controls over to Captain America and the quinjet guns to Hawkeye - who else? - while he and Wasp go EVA to defend the Avengers.

The quinjet makes it to the Damocles, and Hulk pokes a quinjet-size hole in their airlock.  A force shield seals the breach before Iron Man and Wasp can join them, and they seek another way into the ship.

On the Damocles, the Avengers face off against three of Kang's elite guard.  Kang's elite guard seem to use time manipulation to move super-fast, which seems to be their main advantage.  Hawkeye blinds them, allowing the Avengers to get a hand up.

Wasp fools some of the Scarab fighters into breaching the Damocles' hull, and Iron Man and Wasp enter the ship.

Kang is furious on the ship's bridge. 

The Avengers plan is to destroy the time drive so they can banish Kang's forces, so Ant-Man has Ultron scan for tachyon sources.  They follow Ultron.

Wasp has found Princess Ravonna, and more of Kang's minions, who explain about her condition.

The other Avengers find the Time Drive, but destroying it proves problematic - they need to get rid of the robotic defenders before they can make progress.  Ant-man is knocked out in the battle.  Kang himself joins the fray, and soon has the Avengers on the ropes.

Iron Man uses the Ultron AI to take over the Damocles, and is about to jump the ship, when Wasp stops him; backed by Kang's minions, who disobey Kang so that Ravonna can survive. 

Kang - and presumably his minions - is taken into custody to the 42 super-prison, where once more Kang kvetches about the coming doom (presumably no relation).

Thor wakes up in the hospital, with Jane Foster and the Wasp in attendance.

Reed Richards and his robot assistant HERBIE work with Hank Pym in the Avengers' labs on helping Ravonna, with an eerie Ultron in the background.
Commentary I'd love to see the Kang micro-episodes and all three Kang episodes released together on DVD as a movie.  As ever, the action flows like a torrent of snowmelt down the ravines; when you're used to standard television pacing its almost as if the program should be required to issue a "Flash Flood" warning!

That said, a few other notes:

* Reed Richards appears, along with HERBIE.  I'm pretty sure that the inclusion of HERBIE before Sue, Ben, or Johnny was not an intentional snub... *chuckles*

* The suits are configured to work with each hero's powers - Wasp can fire her blasts, Ant-Man can shrink, etc.  Is there no end to his brilliance?

* Its nice to see Stark rising to the challenge of Kang, using every tech tool in his arsenal to out-think and out-fight the enemy.

* Kang's soliloquy about conquering being the only solution is rightly dismissed by Captain America as being myopic and familiar - he's heard that speech from every would-be tyrant.

* Loved how Captain America puts his hope and faith for victory in Iron Man.  "I don't think I can beat you - but Iron Man can".

* Interesting how the Ultron robots' AI is successful in locking out Kang's computers; I'm guessing that perhaps Ultron himself was a lesson to future programmers about using advanced AIs were built.

* One remaining (or at least presumably) Ultron... with eerie glowing red eye LEDs!
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