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Season One, Episode 22


Director(s) Sebastian Montes

Brandon Auman

Summary Serpent Society members Cobra, Bushmaster, Anaconda, Rattler, and Death Adder have taken hostages in a stand-off with the Avengers.  Ant-Man tries to talk the Serpent Society down, and so the Avengers are caught off-guard when the bad guys attack anyways, and Hawkeye is injured. The Serpet Society was intending to meet the Viper here, and ally themselves with Hydra, but were unaware that

Hank never joined the Avengers so that he could fight super-criminals - he wants to help them, to put their feet on the path to redemption and away from lives of crime.   When it becomes clear that the Avengers will always be about their apprehension, and not their rehabilitation, Hank decides to quit the Avengers.
Back at the Mansion, Hank is packing and talking to Ultron-5, and Ultron begins to re-interpret his programming.  Iron Man and Captain America are nagging Hawkeye to allow Jane Foster to take a look at his arm.  Wasp and Iron Man are arguing about whether or not they should stop Hank from leaving; Iron Man is not going to interfere, and Jan goes stomping off to stop Hank.  After she leaves, Thor asks for Iron Man's help in getting back to Asgard with his science.

The Hulk and the Black Panther show up, having captured the Red Ghost and his super-apes.  Iron Man is questioning the coincidence of bad guys being encouraged attack, and in doing a little digging discovers that the message which sent the Red Ghost against the Fantastic Four was sent from the Avengers Mansion! 

Hank and Jan argue about Hank staying with the team.  As Wasp turns to leave, frustrated, Ultron-5 attacks, laying out Hank and capturing the Wasp.

Meanwhile, Iron Man can't find anything wrong with the Mansion systems, but Ultron swiftly hijacks the Mansion defenses, Iron Man's armor, and the Quinjet Hulk was loading with the Red Ghost and his primate partners.  Hawkeye and Captain America protect Jane Foster when Ultron-5 uses the training room to attack them.  Taking possession of Iron Man's armor, Ultron forces Iron Man's armor to attack Thor.

Ultron is frustrated when he discovers his programming won't let him harm the Wasp.

Iron Man and Thor battle above the Mansion.  Hawkeye and Captain America shut down the training weapons, and are joined by the Black Panther.

Thor attacks Ultron-5, and appears to be disintigrated by Ultron's blast.  Captain America continues the fight while Iron Man wakes Hank to get his assistance.  When Ultron blasts Captain America, the Wasp breaks out of her confinement by using the Pym Particles in her body to grow giant-sized,  smashing Ultron to the ground (but the strain sends her back to Wasp-size).  Captain America throws his mighty shield, but Ultron catches it and does some analysis before continuing his attack.

The Hulk escapes from the out-of-control Avengers quinjet, and falls back to work, very, very angry.

Pym tries his emergency shutdown code, but it fails.  Stark re-enters battle in his Mark I armor!  As the Hulk arrives, asking for something to smash, Pym tells him that Ultron's power core is in its chest - and that Hulk should rip it out!  The battle ends, and Pym agrees to destroy all Ultron hardware, software, and backups.

Somewhere in Asgard, the Enchantress is enchanting Thor - he didn't disintigrated, he was teleported - into a peaceful slumber.

As Pym destroys the last of the Ultron hardware and backups,  the last Ultron head states quietly "Upload Complete".

Commentary This is the first part of the Ultron story finale, and its pacing is spot-on.  Ant Man has been talking about how he's a scientist first, a reformer second, and a super-hero third; finally, that issue is also coming to a head.

Anaconda, King Cobra, and Death Adder pretty much look like the MU 616 versions, but Bushmaster and Rattler are given visual makeovers, and in the case of Bushmaster, made to be quite inhuman.  I am curious as to what prompted the redesigns, myself.

Ultron's philosophy is that humanity can only achieve peace through the grave, so thats what he intends to do... destroy all humanity.

The dialogue and the personal interaction reaches one of its highest marks to date here.  Excellent writing and good fight choreography are the hallmark of this season.

In other notes:

* Anaconda seems to be stronger than the MU version.
* I like the move where Wasp at Wasp-size starts the kick, and grows, delivering it as a full-sized woman!
* Yay!  I love it when we get to see backrev Iron Man armor!  This time, Stark uses his original Mark I
* As they used to say in the old Bond movies: "Ultron-5 has been defeated.  But Ultron will be back in 'The Ultron Imperative'" (the next episode).