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The Ultron Imperative

Season One, Episode 23


Director(s) Vinton Hueck

Brandon Auman

Summary All over the world, Ultron is taking over computer-based systems - satellites, missle control systems, weapons platforms, and the SHIELD helicarrier -- anything he desires -- after uploading himself after the destruction of his hardware by the Avengers.  Ultron announces to the world that "The extinction of humanity begins now!"

The Avengers are mourning the apparent death of Thor, and the putting of Captain America in the hospital.  Thor's hammer remains on the ground where it was left after Thor was teleported by the Enchantress; not even the Hulk can move it.

Iron Man and Ant-Man have finished destroying all the Ultron components at the Mansion, Hank's own lab, and at the 42 super-prison.  Hank still can't understand how he could create such a monstrosity as Ultron, even though Iron Man tries to share the blame.

Thor and the Enchantress are still on an Asgardian paradise, relaxing.  The Enchantress gives Thor another dose of her pacification enchantment so he doesn't leave.

We discover that Hank used his own brain patterns as the basis for Ultron's AI, and Hank thinks that is what made Ultron go bad, but Stark disagrees; Ultron didn't start to malfunction until after its part in the war against Kang.  Stark does a little digging, and discovers that Ultron has been hopping bodies with its AI - the last occasion being right after he was destroyed!

Ultron takes over the Stark International computers, and animates all of the past Iron Man armor suits for his own personal use. He has also built himself a new Ultron body, which bursts out of the Stark International armory vault.

Using the animated Iron Man armors, Ultron attacks the Avengers at the Mansion (See the comments below for which armors!), and confronts the Avengers.

On the helicarrier, Director Hill wants to speak to Tony Stark, but is distracted when the Helicarrier itself is attacked by Ultron, who takes down the SHIELD helicarrier bridge crew and security contingent in moments.  Shrugging off their small arms fire, he confronts Director Hill, who holds the SHIELD access codes (which are not in any electronic form) to their arsenal.

Back at the Mansion, the Avengers are quite busy fighting Ultron's animated Iron Man armors, with some success.  Ant-Man gets the distress call from SHIELD.

In Asgard, Thor is having day-mares of his last battle with Ultron.  He breaks the Enchantress' spell, and she sends him back with the fury of a woman scorned.

The fight between the Ultron-possessed Iron Man armors and the Avengers continue.  Hawkeye is about to have his head blasted off by the Mark VI armor, when the Mark I armor - with Stark inside it - takes it down, telling Ultron to "Get out of my armor!"   During a respite, Hawkeye tells Stark to take the other Avengers to the SHIELD helicarrier, and the he and the Black Panther will finish off the Iron Man armors.   The others leave, just as some of the Iron Man armors have finished their own self-repair jobs.

On the SHIELD Helicarrier, Director Hill is having her mind scanned and replicated for the access codes.  Before he can finish, Hulk, Iron Man MK I, and Wasp arrive.  Ultron has apparently invented a way to drain Hulk's gamma energy, and turns him back into Banner.  Ultron fires all of SHIELD's missle arsenal - apparently he got far enough to get what he needed - and lectures the Avengers.  Under Ultron's missle attacks, all life - human, animal, plant - will all be destroyed.

Back at the Mansion, the Iron Man armors are about to finish the Black Panther and Hawkeye, when multiple bolts of mystical lightning take them all down.  Thor has arrived, mjolnir in hand.  They head off to the helicarrier, where Iron Man, Wasp, and Maria Hill are doing their best.  Stark is about to have his head blown off, when more lightning strikes.

Thor arrives, and issues the line we've all been waiting for:

"Ultron!  We would have words with thee!"

Stark, his armor useless, goes to work trying to unlock the missle systems from Ultron's control.  Hank is working on a tech weapon to use.

Hawkeye takes Ultron's energy force field offline.  Wasp discovers that Ultron-6 has no inhibitions about killing her like Ultron-5 did.  Thor learns that mjolnir can lop of Ultron's arm.  Ant-Man is heading to the battlefield, his device finished.

Ant-Man is inside the Ultron-6, uploading a logic program while Iron Man, having gained access to the missle command, is trying to break Ultron's control of it so he can send the self-distruct signal.

Ant-man finishes, and Ultron... shuts down.

Without Ultron resisting, Stark self-distructs the missles with two seconds on the clock!

Ultron was defeated because Ant-Man's program revealed that Ultron himself is based on human thoughts, and had no more right under his programming to exist than the humans did, forcing Ultron-6 to shut himself down.

Back at the Mansion, Thor explains to Stark how the Enchantress sent Thor back to Midgard to suffer a fate worse than death - that Ultron was probably the least of their troubles.

Commentary This is the second part of the Ultron story finale, continued from "Ultron-5". 

The one disappointment to me was the way in which Ultron was defeated.  I mean, when you have to leverage old classic Star Trek episodes (Star Trek Epsiode 37, Season 2: "The Changeling") to defeat the robot villain... still and all, a minor disappointment, as they did it exceedingly well.

Besides, Ultron taking control of the Iron Man armors was so cool, I'd forgive them a darn sight more than that...

In other notes:

* Thor shows true heroism in forsaking Amora's company so that he can help to save Earth; it takes a rare form of hero to say "No thanks" to the Enchantress!

* Ultron-5 was designated that as his production number, not his version number, but apparently the self-described Ultron-6 doesn't care; now they are version numbers.

* The Ultron armor clearly isn't made from adamantium yet, so Thor and Hulk can still damage it physically, if they do sufficient damage to make its self-repair inert. 

* So far Ultron shows no signs of his Oedipus Complex, which was Ultron's dominant characteristics in the storylines in MU 616 continuity.

* Iron Man armor suits seen in this episode:
-- Heavy-duty Iron Man armor
-- Iron Man "Stealth" armor
-- Iron Man "Grey 60's" armor - this suit is grey like the Mark I, but has the appearance of the Iron Armor from the early 1960's, with the raised facemask. If the first grey armor was the Mark I, and a gold version of the Mark I the Mark II, I'm going to call this the Mark III armor.
-- The "Silver Centurion" armor.
-- The "1970's" armor.
-- The Mark VI armor

* Presumably the Ultron "cure" for the Hulk isn't permanent.  It would be interesting if Iron Man can take that technology and construct a Hulk failsafe device in his own armor (or as a stand-alone device).