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The Fall of Asgard

Season One, Episode 25


Director(s) Vinton Hueck

Story by Christopher Yost & Joshua Fine, written by Christopher Yost

Summary  When last we saw our heroes, they had successfully closed the dimensional portals to Earth from the other of the Asgardian Nine Realms, and been trapped on the wrong side.

Hawkeye wakes in Alfheim, the Asgardian realm of the Lios Alfar, or Light Elves.  he encounters one of them, who advises Hawkeye to keep running, as the forces of Loki - in this realm, Fenrir Wolves - are approaching.

Loki is taunting Thor with the story about how when Odin sunk into the Odin-Sleep to renew his power, Loki had distracted Thor to Earth so that Loki could seize the Odin Force, dooming Odin to perpetual sleep.  Loki has forged alliances with others and conquered the eight Realms - only Midgard remains beyond his grasp.

Giant-Man and an unconscious Wasp are in Jotenheim, and confronted by Frost Giants.

Captain America is in Hel, where he is haunted by the ghosts of the Howling Commandos.  They accuse Captain America of hqaving deserted him

The Hulk, bearing the Executioner's axe, is in Vanaheim, where he attacks a prisoner convoy guarded by trolls.

The Black Panther is in Svartheim, attacked by the shades of the dead Dark Elves.

Iron Man, his armor almost totally destroyed - he has one gauntlet repulsor left - is being dragged across the floor of a cavern by the dwarves of Nidavellir.  They are taking him to the Forge, the last safe freehold, but are attacked by Ulik, a troll champion.

Hawkeye is fighting a running battle agains the Fenrir Wolves, and he is picked up by the Lios Alfar from before, whose special arrows banish the Fenrir Wolves.

Hulk demolishes the Vanaheim troll guards with the Executioner's Axe, using its ability to send freezing sheets of ice.

Captain America is haunted by more of the Howling Commandos, and Sgt. Fury. 

In the Throne Room of Asgard, Loki continues to brag about his genius before Thor, laying out all the lies and manipulations.  The assault on Asgard was meant to fail so that Loki avoid suspicion.  Loki engineered Thor's argument with Odin, Loki created threats on Earth to keep Thor busy, Loki created the Masters of Evil to battle Thor's allies.  Loki buried Jimmy Hoffa in a secret location.

Giant Man continues to battle Ymir and his Frost Giants, made more difficult by Ymir's using the Casket of  Ancient Winters.  Cornered and outnumbered, he and Wasp are saved by Sif and her Valkeyries. 

The Black Panther is dodging the shades of the dead Svart Alfar, until he sees ley lines coming from a well.  Using his vibranium staff to disrupt them, the Black Panther dives headfirst into the well.

The Hulk has finished the trolls, and freed their prisoners - which include the Warriors Three and other Asgardians, who want the Hulk to assist them in taking back Asgard.

Captain America disbelieves the spirits of the Howling Commandos, sensing a trick - if this is the afterlife, where is Bucky?  The real Jack Fury would never tell Captain America to quit.  He dispels the false spirits, and gains audience with Hela, the Asgardian Queen of the Dead.

Hawkeye and his elf-friend Faraday both run out of arrows, and are saved from the circling Fenrir Wolves by the timely arrival of the Black Panther. While Faraday's king, Frey, has fallen, Faraday knows where they can get a ship to take them to Asgard.

Eitri and Iron Man continue to fight against Ulik, who destroys the Stark's last repulsor gauntlet.  Using a dagger, Stark discharges his chest arc reactor into the troll.  Eitri swiftly reassembles the arc reactor containment field, saving Tony Stark's life.  They continue together to the Forge.

Thor, still bound in heavy chains, is taken by Loki to where Loki's executioner stands.

Commentary  This is the middle of the three-part Season One finale, and getting here has been an extraordinary journey!

In other notes:

* This episode introduces many new characters and places, although some will be recognizable from other episodes like "Casket of Ancient Winters", which details the Svart Alfar and the death of their Realm.

* Sif leading the Valkeyries makes sense as the Goddess of Battle, and Defender fans will recognize Valkyrie immediately - but who is the other one with the red hair?

* Faraday seems to be a new character, without any analogue in the MU616.

* If viewers are confused about the Realms of Asgard, I have put what canonical information I can find in the listing for Asgard.

* Eitri is a figure from Norse mythology, who, along with his brother, did make Mjolnir for Thor, at the behest of Loki himself.

Notes Continued from Episode #24, and continued in Episode #26