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A Day Unlike Any Other

Season One, Episode 26


Director(s) Sebastian Montes

Story by Christopher Yost & Joshua Fine, written by Christopher Yost

Summary Deep in the depths of the dwarven fortress called the Armory, Eitri and Tony Stark are working in the forges, creating a suit of armor.  Sif, Valkyrie, Ant-Man, and Wasp are winging their way to Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge.  Faraday, the Black Panther, and Hawkeye, having obtained a craft, are also on their way to Bifrost. The Warriors Three and the Hulk are riding in Thor's chariots - drawn by Asgardian Space Goats! - towards Bifrost as well.

Meanwhile, Loki has the crown of Asgard placed on his head as he prepares for the execution of Thor.

An assortment of trolls, Loki's renegade Asgardian guards, and ice giants are guarding the entrance to Bifrost.  Hulk and the Warriors Three land first, and engage them in battle, but appear overmatched and about to be overwhelmed by superior numbers when Sif, Valkyrie, Wasp, and Ant-Man arrive to reinforce them.  The battle continues until Hawkeye, the Black Panther, and Faraday join the fray, and Loki's forces on Bifrost are defeated.

In Niffleheim, Captain America negotiates with Hela for his freedom.  They strike a bargain; if Captain America falls in the fight against Loki, Hela gets to claim his mortal spirit for her realm.

Loki is told of the success of the Avengers and their Asgardian allies, and becomes enraged, but determines to delay Thor's execution so he can watch them fall.  Loki summons a multi-story tall wolf monster named Hoarfin the ice-wolf to destroy the Avengers.  Things look bad, until Captain America shows up and gives tactical orders to the Avengers for dealing with the ice-wolf, and Thor smirks at Loki, and taunts him when Loki brags that he is all-powerful since figuring out how to hijack the Odin Force from Yggdrasil.

The Avengers and the Asgardians confront Loki, and demand his surrender.  Loki laughs them off, and the battle is on, but the Avengers have not reckoned with the poser of the Odin Force.  Loki shatters Captain America's shield, and is about to blast the Avengers into smithereens when a mystic blast heralds the arrival of Iron Man, in his newly-forged uru-metal armor.

Iron Man sounds the cry "Avengers Assemble!" and he and Loki engage in the sky above Asgard.  Captain America grabs an Asgardian shield, and details the Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man to free Thor, while the rest of the Avengers join him in battle with Loki in support of Iron Man.

Hawkeye frees Thor, who instructs them to find a way to un-corrupt Yggdrasil while Thor goes to "have a word with my brother!".  Loki finds himself on the recieving end of Mjolnir, provoking Loki into drawing more of the Odin Force than he can control, and potentially beginning Ragnarok -- which Loki finds perfectly acceptable, to perish in Ragnarok than in defeat.

Too bad the Avengers succeed in re-directing the Odin Force back to Odin, who wakes from the Odin Sleep and calls Loki to account. 

Thor explains to an incredulous Odin that Asgard and Thor were saved by mortals - the Avengers, who are acclaimed by all of Asgard.

Loki is sentenced to being imprisoned under a serpent, whose venom drips into his forced-open eyes as punishment.

The Avengers return to the Avengers Mansion, Captain America carrying the fragments of his shattered shield.  Entering his room, we get a glimmer of Hela in a shield fragment...

...just before Captain America is zapped and replaced by a Skrull.

The invasion has begun!
Commentary This is the end of the three-part Season One finale, and getting here has been an extraordinary journey!

In other notes:

* Loki has a sizable group of Asgardian guardsmen supporting his coup - one has to wonder if they defected before or after Loki stole the Odin Force.

* Nice Defenders moment, with the Hulk saving Valkyrie, his "sword-girl" companion.

* I like the Asgardian Armor Giant-Man and Wasp.

* Giant-Man and Hulk perform a "fastball special"; Colossus and Wolverine file a lawsuit for trademark infringement!

* Is it wrong to think Hela is really hawt?

* Once more Captain America takes tactical command in the field, inspiring and enabling victory for the Avengers!

* The Uru Iron Man armor is way beyond cool in design.  I wonder if he'll get to keep it?

* While it may seem harsh punishment for Loki is actually his mythological punishment for slaying Balder and precipitating Ragnarok in Norse myth.

* You'd think the least Odin could do would be to restore Captain America's shield, but nooooo...

* Since Captain America didn't fall in battle with Loki, why is Hela still around?  Maybe she has a crush of Captain America?  Or maybe she's a sore loser?  Maybe she is intrigued by him, and wants to protect Steve Rogers until she can collect his mortal spirit herself?

* One Hela-va *rimshot* cliffhanger for Season Two!
Notes Continued from Episode #25.