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Michael Korvac

Season Two, Episode 32


Director(s) Boyd Kirkland

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

Summary A man lands in a crater in Central Park, claiming to being pursued by aliens.  The police take him to the Avengers Mansion.

The Wasp and Ms. Marvel are talking by hologram about Hank Pym and his relationship with the Wasp when the police arrive.  Wasp takes custody of the fellow, whose name is Michael Korvac.  Wasp calls Jane Foster to come and see if Korvac is injured, and asks him to explain.

Korvac was driving through a mountain area when he was taken by the Kree, and experimented upon.  The memories drive him into a violent frenzy, and the Wasp is forced to knock him out.

Jane Foster arrives, and medical procedures begin.  Hawkeye points out that strapping an unconscious Korvac to a medical table and beginning procedures is perhaps not the smartest thing in the world.

The Wasp finds Corrina. the woman Korvac was searching for.  Corrina is a waitress at a mountainside cafe, and is very shocked when the Wasp tells her that the Avengers have found Korvac.

Black Panther and Hawkeye investigate the crater in Central Parl, and are leaving just as the Guardians of the Galaxy teleport in.  The Guardians of the Galaxy include Quasar, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord, and Adam Warlock.

Korvac eats in the Avengers kitchen, while Iron Man tells Hulk that Korvac seems normal except for the fact that he seems to be emitting some kind of energy.  Hulk, clearly getting the information from Banner in his head, relays to Iron Man that its a form of Cosmic radiation.  Hawkeye and the Black Panther arrive, and the Black Panther reveals that the crater has Cosmic radiation as well.  Once more, Iron Man mentions SWORD, as well as the fact that Captain AmeriSkrull has requested some time off to locate some World War II buddies.

The Wasp returns with Corrina, and we see via flashback that Korvac and Corrina are lovers, and that Korvac has been gone for two years.  Their reunion is cut short when the Guardians of the Galaxy teleport into the Mansion.

The Avengers face off to protect Korvac and Corrina.  The Star Lord says something in an alien language, which Korvac apparently understands, as he issues a tortured "No.  Noooo."  Wasp fires pre-emptively when Star Lord starts to raise his visor, and the battle is joined.  Captured by Hawkeye, Star Lord begins to tell the Avenger about Korvac.

Wasp covers Korvac and Corrina as they head deeper into the Mansion for the Quinjet Launch Bay, with Korvac babbling how he needs more time, how he won't let the Guardians of the Galaxy take him.  Adam Warlock teleports into their path, and soon they are joined by Rocket Raccoon, Iron Man (carrying an unconscious Quasar), Hawkeye, and Star Lord.

Star Lord recounts that Korvac is insane, and has been slaughtering sentients all over the galaxy. 

Ms. Marvel arrives at the Mansion, and sees the battle damage.

Below. Korvac is manifesting his energy, blasting the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy into unconsciousness.

Ms. Marvel arrives below, and finds the heroes knocked out.  Korvac attacks, and knocks out Ms. Marvel.

The Avengers and the Guardians seemingly wake, but they are not really awake; they've been taken into Adam Warlock's soul gem.  Star Lord explains the role of the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Avengers. they further explain that Korvac was kidnapped by the Kree, and their experimentation gave Korvac incredible destructive powers, which Korvac then used to destroy the Kree ship.  Korvac then used his power to destroy other things; a space-station, an inhabited planet, etc.  Korvac's power - and madness - is growing.

Korvac teleports Ms. Marvel, Corrina, and himself to Central Park, where he and Ms. marvel battle once more.  The rest of the team arrives, teleported by the Guardians of the Galaxy, and they surround Korvac, but Korvac puts them all down again.

Corrina begs Korvac to stop; she's terrified of him.  Rejected by her, Korvac teleports himself away, into deep space, in self-exile.

A good adaptation of the story of Michael Korvac, showing once more that the creative team of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes excell at adapting Marvel stories to the medium.  There were several notable differences; originally, Korvac was a cyborg created by the Badoon in Earth's future, and brought to the 20th Century by the Grandmaster, as one of his pawns.  Corinna was originally the daughter of the Collector.   While a sad ending, its not as sad as the ending of the Korvac Saga as portrayed in the Avengers.

* Interesting that Wasp's first comment to the police was to ask whether or not they've contacted SWORD, and then she herself doesn't do so.

* Its nice to see that Wasp recognizes what a brat she was to Hank last episode ("To Steal An Ant-Man").\

* Captain AmeriSkrull has requested some time off to locate some World War II buddies; we know that's a lie, so what is he really doing?

* Poor Groot, continually shredded in battle.  True, he regenerates, but that has to hurt something awful!

* This episode was dedicated to the late Boyd Kirkland.