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The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

Season Two, Episode 33

Director(s) Steve Gordon
Writer(s) Michael Ryan

Surter is forging something it the depths of dimensional space, and the shockwaves destroy entire planets; only one spaceship escapes the fiery tendrils of doom.  His fire-minions are released into space to do his bidding.

 On Asgard, Baldur and Thor discuss matters; how the damage Yggdrasil took while usurped by Loki has temporarily weakened the All-Father.  Thor ponders whether or not Odin will be able to defeat Surtur.  Thor confesses that it is his thoughts of Jane Foster that bother him the most.  Sif interrupts them, and chastizes Thor for seeming less than he has been.

 Heimdall tells Thor of the spaceship that escaped the flaming doom, and Thor heads off to investigate.  The ship fires upon Thor as he closes; Thor spins Mjolnir to deflect the incoming fire, and lays down some suppressive fire of his own. he forces his way into the ship, which is a sleeper ship, carrying survivors, and guarded by Beta Ray Bill.  They tussle, and Bill grabs Mjolnir, raising it high!  BRB pounds Thor with his own hammer for a bit, and accidentally destroys his own bridge controls.

Sif tattles on Thor having left to investigate alone, and Odin is not pleased.

BRB's ship crashes into an asteroid.  BRB accidentally teleports   via Mjolnir to Asgard when Odin summons it back, where he fights the usual suspects.  Odin teleports Thor back to Asgard.  BRB and Thor work out BRB's mistake in assuming them demons of Surtur.

BRB recounts how Surtur's demons destroyed his people's worlds before Surur caused the system's sun to nova.  They made the sleeper ship, and their people made BRB as their champion, with their genetic sciences.  BRB wants to keep Thor's hammer, and Odin explains the whole "worthy" clause.  Sif endorses BRB's quest to protect his people, and Thor offers BRB Mjolnir; Odin sends them to Eitri, who is angry with the Asgardians for not defending his realm.  Eitri will trade a hammer for BRB for a favor of Eitri's chosing. 

Thor, BRB, and Sif head for BRB's ship, which is under attack by fire demons... and the "Demon Queen", the Enchantress with her Surtur makeover.  She summons wave after wave of fresh Fire Demons.  Amora manages to break control long enough to beg Thor to help her before her control is lost and ordering the Fire Demons to kill them all and bring Amora their hammers.

Sif finds solid ground on the deck of BRB's ship, and battles Fire Demons. One escapes to the ship's interior, and she skewers that one on her blade.  The ship's interior defenses arm themselves until she issues the "Champion Code" to disarm them.  The ship is run by an AI named Scuttlebutt, who tells Sif that self-repairs are virtually complete.

Thor and BRB are dog-piled by Fire Demons, who are shot off them by Sif commanding the ship.  Sif has the ship attack the Enchantress.  The Fire Demons attack, and breach the ship.  Sif and Scuttlebutt defends the sleepers while Thor and BRB fight the Enchantress.  Thor and BRB combine their might and defeat the Enchantress before she teleports away.

Sif declares she will travel with Beta Ray Bill, but he refuses her help; her duties lay elsewhere. Thor ponders why Surtur wants the Corbinites so badly, and Sif apologizes to Thor; some mortals are worth their protection.

Surture finishes reforging his sword from the shards and hilt he recovered from the dwarves.


For those who like Asgardian lore, this episode was a treasure trove of Thor-ish goodness!

  • Heimdall can use Bifrost to guide Asgardians to any place in space/time.
  • Did anyone else snicker at the set up for a "...And don't call me 'Shirley'" joke?
  • Beta Ray Bill's spaceship looked like the Yamato to me, and I hummed the theme to "Star Blazers" all the episode.
  • We find out that Amora is a Vanir, and that the Vanir value life.
  • Sif's sword does a nice little energy vortex trick.
  • The Sword that was Broken has been reforged!