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Season Two, Episode 37


Director(s) Roy Burdine

Story By Chris Yost and Joshua Fine

Written by Chris Yost

Summary On the Damocles,  a Skrull shuttle is discovered and tracked as it comes out of hyperspace in a near-Earth orbital approach.  Ms. Marvel mobilizes and is in hot pursuit, re-entry friction being what it is.  When the craft is positively identified as Skrull, Ms. Marvel calls upon the Avengers to assemble.  The Skrull ship lands in Wakanda, and out walk... the full team of Avengers?

This team claims to have been ambushed by the Skrulls as they were returning from Asgard, captured, and taken to a Skrull prison ship.  Escaping, they stole a Skrull shuttle and made it back home.  Their landing has not gone unobserved by the Wakandans, however, and they are under observation.

Stark has been in seclusion, ignoring the outside world for weeks, working on multiple attempts at creating an alien life form detector, without success.  Stark lunges for his helmut as some force carves a hole in his lab wall - it is Dr. Doom, come to have a word with him. 

The Skrull-Avengers explain to Ms. Marvel that Wakanda is the true goal of the Skrull invasion; they want the Vibranium Mound.  They convince Ms. Marvel to help them stop the Skrulls.

Fury is studying his bulletin board of Skrull suspects, and is joined by Quake.  She reports that while the Hulk was taken by the Hulkbusters four days ago, he seems to have vanished off the grid.

The Avengers approach a Wandanan city, and are confronted by King T'Challa and his guards (which appear to be Dora Milaje in combat armor).  T'Chall gives orders that the intruders must turn back and leave, or be destroyed.  Ms. Marvel, confused, steps between the two forces and calls for calm; the Black Panther's troops rise from the tall grass.

At Stark's lab, he and Doom tussle, but ultimately talk.  Doom tells Stark that Doom knows what Stark has been working on - a Skrull detector.  Dr. Doom gives Stark a chip which will allow Stark's detector to do a genetic "reset" on a Skrull, exposing his true form, but that is all the help Doom will give - fighting the Skrulls is beneath him, and what lackies like Stark are for.

Fury reviews the footage of Captain AmeriSkrull talking the Hulk into surrender, as well as footage of Captain America starting the fight with the Kree, and determines that he's an imposter.

Ms. Marvel and the Skrull Avengers fight the Black Panther and the Wakandan defense, which includes gun emplacements and battle robots, Dora Milaje and the soldiers.  The Skrull Hawkeye is about to kill the Black Panther, when he's struck by an arrow himself.  The real Avengers have arrived.

Stark has integrated Doom's chip into his armor, and the Black Widow startles him, bringing a request that Stark meet with Fury immediately.

The Avengers battle their dopplegangers.  The Skrull Thor is knocked from the sky by a Wakandan battle-tank, and the mechanical Mjolnir explodes.  The Skrull Thor is exposed.  The Black Panther has defeated his Skrull imposter, and exposes him as well.  Ms. Marvel joins the real Avengers, and the battle against the remaining Skrulls is short-lived, with Iron Skrull spilling the beans against the

The Black Panther declines to rejoin the Avengers at this time, but Ms. Marvel tries to persuade him.

Fury figures out that Mockingbird is a Skrull, and MockingSkrull blasts Fury, Quake and the Black Widow before activating a virus in the Iron Man MK 9 armor, shutting down Iron Man.  She issues the final invasion orders. 


In a way, its a shame that these episodes were leaked early; the more episodes that are released ahead of time, the less some folks will bother watching the Disney XD release, and the ratings will suffer.  Unfortunately, this won't make a difference one way or another to whether or not we get a third season of AEMH, but still...

On to the episode!

* Ms. Marvel can apparently manage space-flight without a protective suit or oxygen supply.

* The Skrull-Stark claims that the Skrull prison ship was kept behind Titan.  Shame we won't get to see Eros or Mentor... or even Thanos.

* The Wakandan Vibranium Mound explains why of all the worlds in the Skrull Empire, the Skrulls want Earth for their new homeworld.  Of course, the Mound would have made Earth a strategic resource planet to be conquered in any case, by the Kree or the Skrulls... and perhaps others.

* This episode is where the notorious bulletin board of Skrulls comes from:

  •  Beast - O
  •   Dagger - O and ?
  •  Iron Man - X
  •  Mandrill - No markings
  •  Spider-Man - X
  •  Wolverine - O
  •  Scarlet Witch - O
  •  Cyclops - No markings
  •  Dell Rusk - No markings
  •  Ant-Man - No markings
  •  Jane Foster - No markings
  •  Wasp - No markings
  •  Doc Sampson - No markings
  •  Hawkeye - O and ?
  •  Baron Von Strucker - No markings
  •  Ms. Marvel - O and X
  •  Madame Viper - No markings
  •  MODOC - No markings
  •  Maria Hill - O
  •  Clay Quarterman - No markings
  •  Constrictor - O
  •  Piranha - No markings
  •  The Thing - No markings
  •  Mr. Fantastic- No markings
  •  The Hulk - O and X
  •  Black Widow - O and X
  •  Quake - O and X
  •  Thor - No markings
  •  Arnim Zola - No markings
  •  Magneto - No markings
  •  Abomination - No markings
  •  Captain America - O and X
  •  Agent Brand - No markings
  •  Luke Cage - No markings
  •  Iron Fist - No markings
  •  Mockingbird - No markings
  •  Black Panther - No markings
  •  Black Widow - No markings
  •  Chemistro - No markings
  •  General "Thunderbolt" Ross - No markings

* Dr. Doom once more proves how he deserves the reputation as Best Villain Ever with his speech.