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Secret Invasion

Season Two, Episode 38


Director(s) Boyd Kirkland

Story By Chris Yost and Joshua Fine

Written by Chris Yost

Summary  At the A.I.M. headquarters, it is reported they now have control of all of the orbital satellites around Earth.  An A.I.M. drone tells the Scientist Supreme that their reconfiguration of the satellite array will destroy every human on Earth, and that there is no defense against it.  The Scientist Supreme, who removes his headpiece to reveal that its the Lyle Getz Skrull, agrees, and begins to shoot A.I.M. drones before they can do aught to prevent it.

On the Damocles, Henry GyrichSkrull is heading for the bridge.

On the Helicarrier, Agent Clay SkrullMain is heading for the helicarrier bridge with a fire team.

In the Avengers Mansion, Captain AmeriSkrull has planted devices which are counting down.

On the Damocles, Henry GyrichSkrull has taken the bridge, and set a countdown.

In the Baxter Building, the InvisiSkrull Woman has also set a countdown in the chamber leading to the 42 prison.

On the helicarrier bridge, Agent Clay SkrullMain has set his own countdown.  He tells Maria Hill that the Skrulls are taking Earth, and require SHIELD's complete surrender.

On the Damocles, Sydren has detected the Skrull shuttlecraft of the real Captain America and party, who plan to dock with the Damocles and get out warnings. Sydren issues orders to evacuate the Damocles

On the helicarrier bridge,  Director Hill gives the order to evacuate.  Agent Clay SkrullMain orders his team to kill her, revealing her to have been an LMD decoy.

In Fury's safehouse, Queen Veranke has changed into her royal robes, and mocks Stark, telling him that without Stark, the Skrulls couldn't have neutralized the Avengers.

The countdown completes.  The device in the armory and quinjet hangar explode.  Parts of the Damocles are rocked with explosions.  Captain America's shuttle is rocked by the explosions.

The top of the Baxter Building explodes.

SHIELD vehicles are evacuating the helicarrier as fast as they can go; explosions detonate, and it falls into the water while the real Director Hill watches from quayside on the ground.

The real Avengers are redirected to Washington DC by Captain AmeriSkrull, under Queen Veranke's orders.  The Quinjet is struck and crash-lands, leaving the Avengers to faceany army of composite-super-powered Skrulls!  Hawkeye offers the Skrulls a chance to surrender, and the battle is joined!

Fury wakes, and is taunted by Queen Veranke as a failure. Queen Veranke is about to execute Fury when Maria Hill bursts in.  Veranke flees.  Fury follows Stark's instructions in rebooting the armor.

The Avengers do their best against the Skrulls, but are captured and brought befoe Captain AmeriSkrull, who broadcasts a surrender message to the world.

Fury and Hill are working on fixing Iron Man's armor.  Hill makes a few guesses as Stark has passed out, and fortunately for Stark she guesses correctly. 

Queen Veranke, back in her MockingSkrull disguise, joins Captain AmeriSkrull in Washington, taunting the captured Avengers - until she's confronted by the real Captain America and the other escapees, who are joined by Iron Man, whose Skrull-exposing technology works quite well.   Queen Veranke tells them they are doomed, and far outnumbered.  She is interrupted by a cascade of lighting, as Thor joins his comrades. 

Thor's lightning strike cripples the Skrull ship, which is forced to crash-land nearby.

The Avengers (along with Madame Viper) kick Skrull butt.  Captain America fights Captain AmeriSkrull.  Seeing the tide of battle going against the Skrulls, Queen Veranke gives the order for the ScienceSkrull Supreme at A.I.M. headquarters to activate the satellite array and destroy every human on Earth.  The array activates, crippling the Human resistance - until Thor destroys the array.

Captain America takes down the Captain AmeriSkrull while the other Avengers take down the last of the Skrulls until Veranke stands alone.  Ms. Marvel takes the shot, and Veranke falls.

SHIELD forces are dispatched to secure the world's capitals.  SWORD lost Damocles, but, armed with Stark's Skrull detectors, are sweeping to find any Skrulls who might have escaped.  The Fantastic Four survived thanks to the Invisible Woman, and the Super-Skrulls are being kept in a special section of 42.  Thor points out that broken trusts and friendships will take longer to heal than the immediate damage of the invasion.

  * There seem to be several of the "classic" Super-Skrulls, with the ability to replicate the abilities of the Fantastic Four.  In addition, there are other hybrids:

  • Cyclops/Colossus/Wolverine/Nightcrawler
  • Iron Fist/Spider-Man/Black Panther
  •  Cobra/Grim reaper
  •  Giant-Man/Crimson Dynamo
  •  Abomination/Griffen/Whirlwind
  •  Mr. Fantastic/Iron Man/Black Bolt/Colossus
  •  Thor/Black Bolt