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Along Came A Spider...

Season Two, Episode 39


Director(s) Roy Burdine

Chris Yost

Summary  A mob has severely damaged the Captain America and Bucky statue at Ellis Island in the wake of the Skrull Invasion; the seeming betrayal of humanity by Captain AmeriSkrull has turned the public against Captain America.

The Daily Bugle, in spite of Iron Man having told them the truth, is running a headline that reads "Captain America - Traitor".  J. Jonah Jameson doesn't believe Stark's account.  JJJ rants how the powered heroes like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four aren't real heroes, like police officers or fire fighters or reporters, but just willful vigilantes. Stark offers an interview with the real Captain America, and JJJ assigns Betty Brant to do the interview, along with Peter Parker to take pictures.

There are protests against Captain America ongoing as Betty Brant and Peter parker arrive where Captain America is overseeing a prisoner transfer of Madame Hydra, Cobra, and Lyle Getz from SHIELD custody to the Baxter Building.

The convoy - and the interview - begin, unaware that they are being watched by the Serpent Society. Captain America is non-responsive to the interview, just before the conyoy is attacked.   Hawkeye and Captain America face off against Death Adder and Rattler, as Parker runs to change into his Spider-Man uniform.

Anaconda, Bushmaster and the Constrictor join the attack, and Spider-Man joins in on the Avengers' side.  Stray power bolts from the Rattler damage the street enough that it collapses to the subway underneath, taking Captain America, Spider-Man, and the convoy vehicle with it. 

Captain America pulls Spider-Man from the rubble, and the two of them help the civilians from the damaged subway cars, Madame Viper, Cobra, and Clay Quartermain, who was driving the convoy vehicle.  The civilians are spooked by Spider-Man, and hostile to Captain America.  Spider-Man starts to defend Captain America against the popular accusations, but Cap stops him - they have little time to get to safety, as the tunnel is not particularly stable. 

Spider-Man leads the way down the tunnel, followed by the civilians, prisoners, Quartermain, and Captain America.  Viper taunts Captain America about how quickly people will turn on their heroes.
Spider-Man detects danger ahead, and goes to warn Captain America.  Spider-Man asks Captain America again why he won't defend himself, and Captain America replies that Cap has talked to firemen, policemen, and others that Spider-Man has helped; that the deeds Spider-Man has done defines him, not the public opinion or glory. Captain America is confident that the truth will come out, but until it does he has work to do.

Meanwhile, the Serpent Society has surrounded them.  Madame Viper demands her release. The battle is joined, with Clay Quartermain leading the civilians to safety while Captain America and Spider-Man fight a rearguard action.  A collapse traps them, while Spider-Man stops the ceiling from collapsing, Captain America takes on the entire Serpent Society to protect the civilians.  Cap is pinioned, and Death Adder poised to strike.

The civilians distract the Serpent Society by pelting them with rocks and debris.  Captain America breaks free.  As the tunnel becomes worse, Madame Viper orders the Serpent Society to withdraw, and Captain America inspires Spider-Man to keep pushing against the collapse.  The other Avengers arrive in time to evacuate everyone before the final collapse.



Notes * Captain America is using a triangular shield.
* The 42 prison is not public knowledge.
* The Constrictor has joined the Serpent Society, which never happened in the MU-616.
* Interesting that Madame Viper claims that the Serpent Society are "her" people.
* Captain America's chat with Spider-Man was a nice defining moment for both of them.
* Clay Quatermain clearly needs some of the SHIELD agent weapons from Facebook.