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Behold... the Vision!

Season Two, Episode 40


Director(s)  Roy Burdine

  Story by Chris Yost, Joshua Fine, and Michael Ryan

Written by Michael Ryan

Summary   A squad of armored guards fail to protect the Weapon X facility against the Vision, who obtains a supply of Adamantium for Ultron.

The Avengers are in Wakanda, where the Black Panther is going to try and fix Captain America's shield.  Captain America asks the Black Panther to return to the Avengers, but T'Challa refuses.

At the Avengers Mansion, Wasp and Jane Foster are watching a horror flick, and Wasp is teasing Jane about Thor.  As they talk, the Vision passes through the TV screen.   The Vision has come for Captain America's shield.  rather than see Wasp tortured and killed, Jane Foster tells the Vision that the other Avengers have taken the shield to Wakanda.  The Vision pulls the Mansion walls down on Jane and Wasp, and steals a Quinjet, heading for Wakanda.

The Black Panther is about to attempt the repairs on Captain America's shield, using  sonics to knit the metal back together on a subatomic level.  Hawkeye blusters about challenging the Black Panther for the kingship until knocked out by the Dora Milaje; he had not actually invoked the ritual.  The Black Panther is told that a Quinjet has violated Wakandan airspace.  Captain America hails the Quinjet, but gets no response.

The Quinjet lands, and Thor boards, quickly ambushed and disrupted by the Vision. The avengers, and the Wakandans attack, to no avail, and the Vision heads into the jungle twards the Vinranium Mound.  As he is pursued, he ambushes several groups, neutralizing them.  He attacks Captain America and the Black Panther, taking them down.  Thor attacks, but the Vision walks on, immaterial.

At the Mansion, Jane Foster wonders how to give first aid to a wasp-sized Wasp.

Thor rejoins Captain America and the Black Panther, who leads them to the Vibranium Mound, postulating that whenever there is trouble, its almost always about Vibranium.

The Vision, at the Vibranium Mound, attacks the guards.  As he is exiting the mines with a load of vibranium ore, he is confronted by Thor, Captain America, and the Black Panther.  The Vision demands Captain America's shield.  The Black Panther scans the Vison, and reveals his mechanical nature.  The Avengers attack, while the Vison cannot comprehend how they continue to fight given that he has demonstrated his superiority.  Lcoating the shield via computer, the Vision collapses the mines on the Avengers and heads for the shield with his load of vibranium ore.

At the Mansion, the Wasp awakens and calls Captain America via Avengers ID card, but to no avail - they're trapped in the cave.

The Vision approaches the shield, but is attacked by Hawkeye, who has regained consciousness.  Hawkeye's arrows seem ineffective against the combination of the Vision's intangibility and his solar beam.

In the mines, Thor has broken free of the rubble.

The Vision disintigrates Hawkeye's bow with his solar beam.  Hawkeye attacks hand-to-hand, and is shortly laid out cold.  The other Avengers have arrived, however, and the Black Panther has a plan.  Thor and Captain America attack while the Black Panther uses the sonics of the device meant to repair Captain America's shield to shred the Vision's arm.  The shield is repaired, and the Black Panther throws it to Captain America. Damaged, the Vision sustains further damage under their onslaught, eventually disengaging.  The Black Panther relents and rejoins the Avengers.

At the Mansion, Wasp is bandaging Jane Foster's arm, and tells her that dating a superhero can be bad for her health.

The Vision has returned to his master, Ultron, who has prepared an adamantium body to hold his consciousness.

 * The vibranium for Captain America's shield was originally a gift from Wakanda to President Roosevelt.

* Dr. Myron McClain was confirmed as the creator of Captain America's shield in his experimental accident,and as the creator of Adamantium when he tried to recreate the alloy.

* The Vision's solar beam is projected from the forehead gem, not his eyes as in the MU 616