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Season Two, Episode 41


Director(s) Steve Gordon

  Men of Action & Danielle Wolf

Summary The police have surrounded the Wrecking Crew as they attempt an armored car heist.  The police, armed with energy blasters, and even an a tank, are no match for the Wrecking Crew; fortunately, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hawkeye soon arrive on the scene.

At the place where Loki has been imprisoned and tortured by the venom-dripping serpent, the Enchatress is showing these events to Loki.  She casts a spell, reverting Iron Man to the Mark I Armor and paralysing his technical knowledge, transforms Thor into a mortal body, and reverts Captain America to Steve Rogers.  Hawkeye is unaffected.  In these forms, the Avengers must face the Wrecking Crew.  They try their best, but they are no match; Thor suffers a broken leg while Hawkeye covers their retreat into the subway.

She offers Loki a chance for revenge; she will place Loki's spirit into the Destroyer armor, and so long as her enchantment on Thor remains, he has his chance (it fades if Thor learns a lesson in humility).

The Avengers enter the subway, and find their way to a subway substation, followed by the Wrecking Crew.  The Avengers discover the Destroyer, who knocks out the Wrecking Crew before battling the Avengers. 

Over the course of the battle, Thor discovers the inner strength necessary to break the Enchantress' spell, the Avengers revert to their heroic forms and defeat Loki, whose spirit then returns to his body.

Enchantress reports to Surtur Loki's defeat.

The Avengers lock the Destroyer armor away in Stark's vault at the Avengers Mansion.

 This is one of the episodes written by the Men of Action, and it has several problems with making any coherent sense.  Several characters are written inconsistently with the rest of the show, and the premise of the Enchantress' spell is faulty; Thor had already "learned humility" in other episodes prior.  I guess this is what Loeb meant when he said that continuity wasn't important; the ending of the episode makes absolutely no sense.

Still, some of the dialogue was fairly clever.

* Hawkeye's line "We mortals have to stick together" makes no sense; Captain America is mortal, Iron Man is mortal, and the Wrecking Crew are all mortals.  Only Thor is something other than mortal on-scene.

* When last we saw the Enchantress, she was possessed by Surtur, as visually demonstrated by her eyes being flame, and when she had supressed the possession, her eyes returned to normal, and she expressed her utter hopelessness at her situation.  Here, the Enchantress is shown as clear-eyed almost the entire time - has she somehow made peace with Surtur? The only thing I can think of is that she's pretending to co-operate with Surtur to achieve a certain freedom of will which will allow her to secretly work against him; her working to achieve Ragnarok and the death of the universe would be severely out of character.

* Although the Enchantress might not know it, we know that Thor has already learned humility, and learned to respect his mortal allies; by all rights, the spell should have failed almost immediately.

* Of all the times for Hawkeye to forget his Avengers ID (and his wallet).

* The Wrecking Crew is severely written down; these are bad guys whose strength approaches Thor's level, at least enough to give him a good fight, and they can't handle Hawkeye and three under-powered civilian-level enchanted heroes?  Oy...

* For a 98-lb weakling, Rogers does excessively well here, helping the muscle-bound mortal Thor, breaking chains with a wrench, etc.

* Thor hobbles pretty well for a guy with a broken leg.

* Hawkeye proves once more that he can turn anything into a weapon, using the broken shaft of mortal Thor's mallet as an improvised arrow.

* "I'll be back, and next time I will show no mercy!"  Loki's final threats to the Avengers don't make sense; "show no mercy"?  He didn't show any this time.

* The Enchantress reports Loki's failure to Surtur, saying that Loki can't be trusted; we know this, but in what way did Loki fail to show that he was trustworthy or not in this episode?  Trust was never an issue here.  She also claims that the seeds of destruction have been planted - the only thing longer than the duration of this episode is that the Destroyer armor is now inside the Avegers Mansion, something the Enchantress could have done anytime.