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Ultron Unlimited

Season Two, Episode 43


Director(s) Roy Burdine

Christopher Yost

Summary Its a foggy night and a full moon, and Ms. Marvel is flying to a meeting with Iron Man on a rooftop (probably the Stark International building's hellicopter landing zone).  Iron Man tells Ms. Marvel she's not worthy to be an Avenger, and attacks.  Ms. Marvel defends herself, and we find out that the Iron Man she is fighting is an android imposter.  Ms. Marvel is knocked out for the count, and the Vision and an android Ms. Marvel join the android Iron Man.  They slip an mental conduit in the shape of an insect onto her neck, so that the android Ms. Marvel can gain access to the real Ms. Marvel's memories.  The Vision sends them to observe the next target - Thor - while the Vision returns to Ultron with the captive Ms. Marvel.

At Ultron's lab we see that Ultron has been busy since we last saw him, with parts of partial androids around the workshop, and containment cells for each Avenger to be captured, to hold them harmless while their linked android doppleganger takes their place.  Ultron plans to replace all the Avengers with Thor being the final one, as Ultron views him as the biggest threat.

Captain America is running through the Training Hall when he's joined by Hawkeye, who is playing with Captain America's energy shield.  The two of them are attacked by their android duplicates and the Vision.  The battles seem even for awhile, but eventually the androids succed, with the real Captain America seemingly obliterated in an explosion.  The android Hawkeye puts a mental conduit on the real Hawkeye.

The Vision phases through the wall in Wasp's apartment as as she makes preparations for bed. He calls for her surrender, but she shrinks into action, doing well enough to provoke a temper tantrum of a response, and he burns her with a solar blast.  He has exceeded his programming; he was to subdue her without harming her, but his emotional outburst was an error in his programming.

The android Avengers attack Thor as he flies over Central Park. Once more Iron Man pursues the "We don't need you" gambit to confuse the target, and Thor falls under the combined might of the android duplicates - including his own.

Back at Ultron's lab, the Vision has laid out the Wasp on a table, and seems concerned over the burns on her shoulder.  Ultron blasts the Vision, displeased; Wasp is not to be harmed, and the Vision disobeyed his programming.  The Wasp wakes, and sees the Avengers in their cells.  Ultron explains that the Wasp is destined for a different fate - she is to be tranfered into a new android body, which Ultron calls Jocasta.  The Wasp protests, accusing Ultron of behaving just like a human.  The Vision puts Wasp into a containment tube until Ultron's preparations are complete.

The android Avengers return to the lab, with Thor unconscious and with the mental conduit in place.  The adroid Captain America takes aim with his energy shield at the device attached to Thor, but Ultron strikes him first, declaring the android Captain America to be the real Captain America, posing as his android double.  Ultron orders the Vision to finish him, and for the other androids not to interfere; Ultron seeks to force the Vision to obedience.  Rather than kill Captain America, the Vision uses his solar blast on the containment tubes holding the captive Avengers.

The Avengers break free, and the battle is on between the real Avengers and their robot duplicates.  Thor's duplicate does not last very long against the real Thor, and the others fall pretty quickly, with many a satisflying crunching noise.  Finally, the Avengers face Ultron, whose chassis has made from adamantium.  The Vision fights alongside the Avengers, phasing into Ultron to unlock his head from chassis before being blasted by Ultron. Before Ultron can fix himself, Thor knocks his head off.  Ultron's body begins to overload, and the Avengers evacuate the burning lab - except for Captain America, who retrieves the Vision before leaving.  In Captain America's eyes, the Vision has earned a chance at survival. and the Vision explains that he disagrees with Ultron's philosophy; that perfection is in striving to be more human, not an emotionless machine.


Notes I must admit I am curious as to how much this script was changed after Christopher Yost left; so soon after we get an Avengers-imposter team of Skrulls we get an imposter team of androids?  Too similar, too soon, and decreased my enjoyment of the episode.

* Ever since Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, I've been against villains using insect-like things that invade the body and provide control.  Eww.

* Strange that Ultron, who despises biologicals, mimics their forms whenever he can.

* The android Avengers bicker like the real Avengers.

* Captain America may not understand this, but his attempt at impersonating an android could not possibly have succeeded, given electronic signatures and communications are far too likely to give the game away.  Its hard to believe that he fooled the Vision and the other androids for even a moment.

* The energy shield might be able to temporarily block Mjolnir from returning to Thor's hand, but not consistently.

* Jocasta is last seen glowing in the flame; perhaps Ultron's programming included a self-preservation sub-routine?