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Season Two, Episode 44


Director(s) Boyd Kirkland

 Man of Action and James Felder

Summary Iron Man and Wasp are visiting Hank Pym at Pym's request.  Pym wants Iron Man to see his new super-prison, the next version of the Big House.  Pym would be the warden of the new prison.  Iron Man wants Pym to come work on things at Stark Tower, where he won't be alone.  Pym tells them to leave; as they exit the building, there is an explosion in Pym's lab.  They investigate, but all they find is the magnifier Pym had been wearing.

They hold Pym's funeral at the Avengers Mansion.  Various people extend their condolences to the Wasp, including Fury - who has also brought evidence that the explosion was planned - Pym's death was murder, with all the evidence pointing to the Serpent Society.

Captain America and the Black Panther follow up a lead on the Constrictor, who is already in combat with the new hero Yellowjacket, whose pistol seemingly disintigrates its target.  Captain America and the Black Panther fight Yellowjacket, who manages to blast Constrictor before he faces the Wasp.  Yellowjacket runs, followed by the Wasp - and Yellowjacket admits he got rid of Pym.  Yellowjacket distracts Wasp with a cloud of yellowjacket insects, blasts a water tower, and escapes.  Wasp comes to the conclusion that Yellowjacket is Hank Pym.

Wasp tries to convince the rest of the Avengers, but they don't believe that Yellowjacket is Hank Pym.

The news programs show Yellowjacket blasting Death Adder and Bushmaster.  Thor arrives on the scene just after Yellowjacket blasts Cobra, and attempts to apprehend him.  The rest of the Avengers join Thor just in time to see Yellowjacket blast Thor.  They surround Yellowjacket, and Wasp unmaskes Pym, whose rant indicates that Pym has developed a dissassociave personality.  Iron Man blasts Yellowjacket just as Yellowjacket fires his pistol; instead of disintigrating his enemies, it teleports its target into the new Pym microprison. 

The microprison proves to be unstable; it is continuing to shrink, but not its inhabitants.  During its shrinkage, the containment cells holding the Serpent Society are damaged, and the Serpent Society attacks.  The prison continues to shrink.  The Avengers defeat the Serpent Society, and Pym develops a plan to teleport them all out of the prison.

At the Mansion, Yellowjacket offers to join the team, but Stark is very opposed, as Hank Pym clearly needs some help.  Wasp makes a personal appeal to Iron Man as JARVIS reports and invasion of mole people - Yellowjacket tells Iron Man that he'll apprehend more of them than Iron Man will, and races off.
Commentary There is a lot put into this episode - too much, in fact.  Everything seems rushed and half-done.  A lot of the plot posed more questions than it answered, and all of them seeming to be the result of trying to do too much in one episode.  Pym's mental condition is never handled, no help is suggested.

* First mention of the super-prison Hydro-Base, a super-villain prision meant to replace 42.

* The Vision is shown in attendance, even though he should still be in his repair cycle as shown in the episode "Emperor Stark".

* There is no explanation as to how Iron Man suddenly knows more about the microprison than Pym.

* Nobody seems to care about getting Pym any psychological help, even though several Avengers clearly recognize he needs the help, including Wasp.